Wax Figures Figure in the Murderous Mayhem of the "Mystery of the Wax Museum"-Tonight!

It’s a new year- it’s a new expanded time slot- and it’s a new movie! What a great way to begin 2023- with a Roger Corman feature that stars a gaggle of great stars- Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, and even Jack Nicholson! It’s a combination of Gothic horror and hilarity, inspired by the poem by Edgar Allan Poe- the 1963 film titled “The Raven”!

NOTE: As we had expected, there are people who saw the title and began to protest “You just showed this last month!”- not realizing that this is NOT the 1935 film with Bela Lugosi and Karloff that we ran in early December. Especially puzzling was that comments like that came for a few people who actually SAW our “next week” pro...

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