Lose Those Wrinkles and Gain Deadly Habits! Follow the Lead of "The Leech Woman"- Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV, we have a classic ghost story-and, though we are currently hearing a lot about a soon-to-be released ‘Haunted Mansion’- and the currently popular Barbie’s dream house, a very different dream house becomes somewhat of a nightmare- when a brother and sister take possession of it – only to learn there's another type of possession in the place- thanks to “The Uninvited”!

The brother and sister -Roderick and Pamela Fitzgerald- are enjoying the sea shore when they stumble upon a vacant sprawling estate- and, feeling it'd be the perfect home for them, decide they should purchase it. They meet the owner, Commander Beech, who is more than eager to give it to them at an am...

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