Can You Smell What the Rock is Crushing? Beware of the "Monolith Monsters"- Tonight!

Posted on June 8, 2024

Tonight on MeTV- it looks like we’re heading into another Stone Age- with the arrival of a meteor whose unearthly fragments have the power to turn flesh into stone- and mutate themselves into towers of destructive terror leaving nothing but rubble ( not Barney) as they become the "Monolith Monsters"!

This 1957 science fiction classic begins just as several other movies, like “The Blob”, have- with a wayward meteor making a crash-landing, this time in the arid desert. On impact, it smashes itself into literally thousands of pieces. Ben, a local geologist, happens to stop on the desert road right near the point of impact to add water to his radiator. He spots an unusual fragment of stone that, being a geologist, he cannot identify. His scientific curiosity prompts him to take the mystery rock back to his office for further investigation.


He gets back to his office with the fragment, where neither he nor local newspaper publisher Martin can identify it. Later, Ben goes to sleep in the office-only to be awakened during the night by a major rainstorm! He notices something odd happening to that unidentified rock sample he left out in his office- and goes to get a closer look- which turns out to be a VERY bad idea. The next day, Dave, the head of the federal geology office, makes a routine visit to Ben’s place – only to be met by a horrible sight.

The office has been completely trashed, with hundreds of strange rocks strewn all over! Even worse- he is shocked to find his geologist pal Ben appears to have turned- to stone! This unbelievable discovery leaves him at a loss to figure out what has happened- or how a human could possibly be transformed into the equivalent of a statue!

Meanwhile, Dave’s girlfriend, Cathy, the local school teacher- has her class out on a field trip to the desert- where one of the kids picks up a black chunk of meteorite ( uh-oh!), and takes it home as a souvenir. At the same time, an autopsy is being performed on Ben- though not much of an autopsy is possible on a stone corpse! The autopsy does not reveal anything- resulting in the body being sent to a specialist. Dave returns to the shambles of the office along with newspaper man Martin- who notices that the many pieces of rock scattered around the destroyed office look just like the single piece Ben found in the desert that he had examined with him!

The office tragedy proves to be only the beginning-as Cathy recalls that her student found a similar fragment- leading to a frantic trip to the girl’s home-only to make another horrible discovery. Soon the locals are facing more destruction, more odd stones- and more victims of strange petrification-leading to the shocking fact that any people who have had physical contact with the stones are actually slowly TURNING to stone! It falls to Dave and his girlfriend Cathy to enlist his old college professor in solving the riddle of what is happening- and find a way to stop it! Time is running out, as they have mere hours to find a cure for the victims who are transforming to stone. Not only that- but the meteor rocks begin to multiply, expanding and becoming towering stone pillars that grow, and then collapse, with their massive weight crushing anything in the vicinity. Inexplicably, the shards of the collapse monoliths start growing again, forming more towers that are slowly moving toward the populated areas. Will they continue to advance, wiping out towns -and their inhabitants- with pulverizing force?!


Most 1950s science fiction films seem to use atomic radiation as the source of a deadly menace- but this movie goes down a slightly different path, having the unique idea of inanimate objects becoming the monstrous threat- with a totally different cause. We’ll fill you in on the cast, which includes some recognizable actors-including Grant Williams, the lovely Lola Albright (Peter Gunn’s songstress girlfriend), Les Tremayne, and more- and rock your world with some fun celebrity interviews, including stunning voice actress Tara Strong ( who has voiced hundreds of characters, including a “Powerpuff Girl”, DC superheroes and villains, Ms. Minutes in “Loki”,etc.) E.G. Daily (from “Streets of Fire”, Dottie from “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” and also a voice actress)- and noted Sven artist Christopher Jones , who has come up with some great artwork for my anniversary. Add in a vintage visit with Vicki Lawrence as Mama- and more!

"Monolith Monsters" will crash onto your TV set tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings (or at for specific time and channel where you live. MeTV invites you to join the many folks on Twitter/X who live-Tweet during our show- putting us among the highest trending topics during that time most weeks- using the hashtag #svengoolie. Chicago area viewers get a second go-round with Vincent Price’s “The Tingler” at 11 am this morning on our main local station, CW26.

Those viewers in the Chicago area will have the chance to see a recent feature of ours, “Destroy All Monsters” on the big screen at the Music Box Theatre, as part of their Godzilla film festival- and can meet me before the show, after which I will introduce the movie. You’ll find more information under the “appearances” tab on this website. Also, make sure you keep checking the MeTV Mall for the latest Sven merchandise- with more to come soon to celebrate my 45 year anniversary!

Check in with us tonight on MeTV- when we prove the old saying is true-people who live in trashed houses should not grow stones!

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 during show

Svenboy 7 days ago
I watched monstroid with John carradine for the first time tonight. I liked it. It was from Elvira’s old show. Any one see monstoid? Thought? Any one guess that in addition to sven that I like Elvira? Own and have seen both of her movies and saw her twice live at scary farm.
Svenboy Svenboy 7 days ago
The monster in the film reminded me of godzilla.
Klaatu 8 days ago
I need more classic Sven movies to record on my DVR. Waiting for more classic Universal Monster movies, The Crawling Eye, Man From Planet X, THEM!, Beast With Five Fingers and a few others. Hopefully we’ll get some soon. Sorry, Hammer films don’t get recorded.
RobBarnes Klaatu 7 days ago
There are a few good package deals just Google around sci-fi DVD/Blue Ray/4K some with 10, 20 or more movies all together which works out to pennies on the dollar. Sure there are some clunkers, but there is also some buried treasure.
DrFish28136 Klaatu 7 days ago
Hammer doesn’t do it for me either.
My wife has bought me some dvds
but streaming is so convenient
Klaatu DrFish28136 7 days ago
I do streaming too, but 98% are bothered by commercials. So, recording Sven on my DVR gets me a movie on a whim, and I put up with the commercials (but I can scan past them). The streaming services we have without commercials just don’t have good collections of SciFi. I’ll keep my DVD/BR collection forever too. I’ve been contemplating 4K BR discs but I haven’t done it yet.
MrsG 8 days ago
Been thinking about this photo Klaatu ~ ‘tis the epitome of Father / Son Love , Pride and Joy ~ thank You *_*
deadringer42 MrsG 8 days ago
You are so right Mrs G.
Such a Great picture of a father son love. It is such a great privilege to be on this blog and see pictures of our friends like this.
Thank you Klaatu for sharing.
Klaatu MrsG 8 days ago
Wow! Thank you guys! I love my kids and I feel like a proud dad when my, and my wife’s efforts, results in this. 💕💕
deadringer42 Klaatu 8 days ago
Such a great pic. And yes, if not for moms we dads would be lost. I count my lucky stars every day for how my 2 offspring have turned out. There is nothing more satisfying than see your kids succeed and appreciating their upbringing. The most important thing we do in life is raising our children to be better people than we were. Give your kids a hug for us.
abc123 8 days ago
Been thinking off and on about tomorrows snack/meal. Keep coming back to chicken. fried or baked whole. seems like the 60s idea of a period meal, yes?
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abc123 abc123 8 days ago
All good ideas one and all.
Katink abc123 8 days ago
Vincent Price once appeared for a cooking segment on the Tonight Show, and he prepared salmon cooked in the dishwasher, abc. (Been afraid to try it!)
abc123 Katink 7 days ago
Don't own a dishwasher.
Katink abc123 7 days ago
It seems like an odd appliance choice for cooking, abc, but I guess it made for good tv!
Klaatu 8 days ago
I watch an interesting short documentary called (see below). I wish Sven would show interesting shorts like this to fill-in time. I love these “historical” shorts. There were shorts made on many Monster Movie genre subjects that would be perfect 👍
Engineer_Poelzig 8 days ago
Give us the word Big Daddy!
I had to watch the movie just for Vincent Price's cameo...
Cartoondave 8 days ago
Hello everyone I just wanted to let you all know that my wifi is still.on.thr fritz we tried shutting it on and off but no luck so hopefully I will return soon I'm sorry to spread some bad news tho i.misdcyou all and the only time I'll be able to post here is when I'm at my sister's in New Hampshire
Hope you get it fixed soon, can your ISP offer any help?
PARANORMA Cartoondave 8 days ago
Hope you get it straightened out soon with a minimum of contortions & hoop-jumping.
Katink Cartoondave 8 days ago
Rats, Dave! How frustrating for you!
HoneyBee456 8 days ago
Remember the movie The Trip to Bountiful?
PARANORMA HoneyBee456 8 days ago
With Geraldine Page, yes. Good film. Never got to see the TV remake with Cicely Tyson (who won a Tony for a stage revival), going to have to look that up.
BEATNGU2 8 days ago
A Real Heavyweight Monster Battle of Aquatic Titans
In this corner hailing from somewhere in the Amazon;
“The Creature from the Black Lagoon” ( Good Guy) yaaaaay
And in the other Corner
Originally from parts unknown “
“The Monster of Piedras Blancas”
(Bad guy )
Who takes the Crown of Seaweed ??????
deadringer42 BEATNGU2 8 days ago
And the winner is…
This guy…
Deleted 8 days ago
This comment has been removed.
BEATNGU2 8 days ago
Kiss me Eddie , gee where the rest of you 😧🤔
PARANORMA 8 days ago
"We'll remember you forever, Eddie...!"
BEATNGU2 8 days ago
Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum or maybe 2 bottles !
HoneyBee456 8 days ago
Sometimes when things look the bleakest is when a blessing is just around the corner
Klaatu HoneyBee456 8 days ago
Ahhh yes…Lincoln Brewery IS just around the corner. Beer is on me👍
HoneyBee456 Klaatu 8 days ago
daleuhlmann 8 days ago
Besides THE MONOLITH MONSTERS, character actor and radio luminary Les Tremaye apperared in a number of genre favorites. These included the 1953 THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, as well as THE ANGRY RED PLANET, THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS, THE SLIME PEOPLE, CREATURE OF DESTRUCTION, FANGS, and THE NAKED MONSTER. Of course, as Sven had mentioned, he had also played the "Mentor" in the SHAZAM TV series. in addition, I hadn't realized how many sci-fi films he had performed voice-over narration for. These were FORBIDDEN PLANET, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, KING KONG VS. GODZILLA (in addition to dubbing the voices of several characters for the English language version), and WAR OF THE PLANETS.
BEATNGU2 daleuhlmann 8 days ago
I wish one day Sven can acquire “The Monster from Piedras Blancas”.....
Love this film
Watch it at least 3x a year
On that rec think I will look that up for this evening's diversion.
MrsG 8 days ago
Just a MeTV wishlist thought ~
The old 70’s KUNG FU series with David Carradine would be a nice addition to Svengoolie’s pre-show lineup on Saturdays ~ Shaolin monk in the American old West ~ 🥋*_*🥋
PARANORMA MrsG 8 days ago
That would be a nice variation. Good show, plus a rare (for the time) respectfully-meant showcase for some great Asian actors.
MrsG PARANORMA 8 days ago
Y’know PARANORMA , doubt that I have seen this series in reruns , so it’s been a loooong time ~ ‘twould be refreshing *_* 🩷
BEATNGU2 8 days ago
Mamootsa BEATNGU2 8 days ago
Does England swing like a pendulum do??
BEATNGU2 8 days ago
Who Remembers this ‘70’s Commercial;
“Sam Denard Tried the Turkey”
“Leo Steiner had the Pastrami, adding It makes a nice Sandwich, a nice Sandwich, Arnolds Jewish Rye.
My Nice Sandwich is Roast Turkey, Pepperjack Swiss & cheddar , salt Pepper, Deli Mustard, greens on What else
Jewish rye.
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Ohhhh, *please* stop!! Lol
Klaatu PARANORMA 8 days ago
I’m not Jewish but I always have a craving for Deli food. Most of the neighborhood Deli places near me are gone sadly. My friend and I will make a journey to Langers Deli in Los Angeles soon, and I’m tempted to buy 10 pounds of Pastrami for home…of course after I enjoy lunch first. 😋
PARANORMA Klaatu 8 days ago
Canter's!!! Personally right now drawn into longing for some of the meals of yore in NYC
RobBarnes Klaatu 7 days ago
Same here, but I have found some of the best Roast Beef in the smaller places, as opposed to grocery stores be they named "Delis". ?Meat Markets" or otherwise.
HoneyBee456 8 days ago
This picture was on my cat calendar today. He says happy flag day!
RobBarnes HoneyBee456 7 days ago
Nothing like a Patriotic Fur baby!
DrFish28136 8 days ago

star is born ... and this one's funny! On this day in 1967 (in the U.S.), the good people of Bismarck, North Dakota were treated to an exclusive theatrical premiere event of The Reluctant Astronaut. Directed by Edward Montagne from a story by James Fritzell and Everett Greenbaum, the SciFi/Comedy starred Don Knotts, Leslie Nielsen, and Joan Freeman. According to our friends at, here's the plot summary:

"A NASA janitor is sent into space."

For the record:
In reaction to his performance in the picture, actor Don Knotts enjoyed a 1968 Laurel Awards nomination in the category of 'Male Comedy Performance.'
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