MeTV Has an Amazon Delivery for You - But Can Anything Deliver Us from the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” - Tonight?!

Tonight on MeTV- it’s the month of the great Vincent Price’s birth, and we pay tribute to him with a full schedule of some of his most famous horror films! We kick off the celebration tonight with one of his truly memorable roles of the ‘50s- notable for being presented in 3-D ( but shown in 2-D tonight!)-as we usher you into the “House of Wax”!

We visit the New York museum of Professor Henry Jarrod- a gifted sculptor who prefers to create historic tableaus instead of the sensationalistic type displays found in most wax museums. However, with popular tastes being what they are in the early 1900s, these cultural displays don’t bring in enough revenue- so, his business pa...

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