Lose Those Wrinkles and Gain Deadly Habits! Follow the Lead of "The Leech Woman"- Tonight!

Posted on June 22, 2024

Tonight on MeTV, it seems appropriate that, in the month of June, we have a story whose main character is named June! Unfortunately, she’s a wife being mistreated by her arrogant husband-due to the “terrible” crime of having aged! Things change suddenly when she joins her spouse in an expedition to discover an old African tribal secret that can supposedly restore youthful beauty- not realizing that a key ingredient proves lethal for certain individuals! Forget Plexaderm- now you can look and feel younger by becoming -a "Leech Woman"!

We meet June- whom has taken to downing copious amounts of alcohol, due to her treatment at the hands of cold uncaring hubby, Dr Paul Talbot. She drops by his office, only to have him again express his disdain for her– for aging and having her beauty fade. He also chides her for her drinking (which he has caused), and callously reveals that he is at the point of filing for divorce. Paul has been researching ways of slowing the aging process, but had little success- which has served to intensify his hatred for his wife. As the heartbroken spouse makes her way to exit, she encounters a wrinkled old woman who makes a baffling cryptic prediction that only upsets June further.


When the old lady is ushered into Paul’s office, she stuns the doctor by revealing she is, in reality,even older than she appears. She tells the story of being brought to America as a slave- over a hundred years ago !? She then demonstrates the secret of her amazing longevity, right in the office- using a secret drug from her African homeland, which seems to be as mysterious and hidden from the world as the Black Panther’s Wakanda. With proof before his eyes, Paul is amazed that such a potion is what he has been searching for- and it actually works! When he asks about obtaining some of potion, Mala, the old woman, flatly tells him it’s not possible, because it takes a mysterious secondary substance to mix with the longevity drug. It is the only true catalyst that can activate the reversal of the aging process. Mala then reveals that she is about to depart for a final return to her homeland to spend the last of her days among the remaining members of her tribe.

Upon testing the modicum of the powder that Mala left with him, Paul is convinced her story is true -and heads home, where June and the couple's lawyer, Neil are discussing the impending divorce (with June actually several sheets to the wind). Suddenly and surprisingly, divorce is the furthest thing from Paul’s mind! He asks June to accompany him on an expedition to Africa- where they can find Mala, get all the ingredients to the age-reversal cocktail, and restore June’s youth and beauty (of course, only a precursor to Paul cashing in on the discovery)! June is overjoyed by his attention and this unexpected reconciliation, as Paul hustles her to prepare for their fact-finding journey.

Once in Africa, Paul hires a guide of questionable integrity to lead their expedition party into a dangerous sector of the continent, where they hope to find Mala and her people. Along the way, Paul reverts to his old ways, again belittling and mistreating June- but the renewed marital spats are soon the least of their worries when they end up captured by Mala's tribe, known as the Nandi! They seem destined to become human sacrifices when Mala herself suddenly appears. It is revealed that she is actually the leader of the tribe- and she decides that these captives should indeed witness the secret that she will now use to fully restore her own youth. She also reveals one condition of the ritual that has not been mentioned before – that only women can undergo this youthful transformation. Plus- maybe they should have read the fine print- after remaining young for a brief period of time- by tradition-the rejuvenated must commit suicide! One more shocking revelation- –the catalyst ingredient for the mixture is pineal fluid from the brain of a MALE- which, of course, results in the “donor's” death!

When Mala uses the secret formula successfully and is again a beautiful young woman- it dawns on June that her hubby only wanted her to make the trip with him to use HER as a guinea pig- to test if the mixture could work with no adverse effects- and not to repair their marriage. At that time of realization, June accepts Mala’s offer of the chance to be young again- and she makes a startling choice- that results in her transformation back into a ravishing youthful beauty !


June escapes the tribe (as well as the traditional fate of suicide) and returns to America. To keep all that has happened a secret, she explains her new younger look by pretending to be her own niece, and she even fools family lawyer Neil with this new identity. However, the clock is ticking, and her temporary youth will begin to fade- unless she heads out to prowl the city streets for unsuspecting "donors" to renew her youth potion-with deadly results!

This 1960 tale stars lovely Coleen Gray as June- along with Grant Williams, who we recently saw in “The Monolith Monsters”, as her lawyer –as well as other cast members we’ll tell you about. Plenty of Sven fun will be had, including an encore of the in-studio visit by Mick Foley, and interviews with Mark Sheppard ( Crowley from “Supernatural”) and Amanda Wyss of the original “Nightmare on Elm Street”- along with a commercial that our movie’s main character might find tempting, a visit from Gwengoolie (speaking of tempting), an off-the-wall look at stock footage, and more!

You can get attached- or vice versa- to the "Leech Woman" tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central- and, if you are unsure when and where we air in your area, check your local listings (or at www.metv.com ). You can also live-Tweet along with the scores of Sven fans on Twitter during the show- just make sure to add the hashtag #svengoolie to your Tweets! Our Chicago viewers can again descend into terror with Vincent Price in “The Pit and the Pendulum” at 11 am this morning on our main local station, CW26- soon to be known by its original name –“The U”!!

I want to thank everyone for their kind messages on my 45th anniversary as Sven this past Sunday! Be watching for more anniversary celebrations and commemorative merchandise as the year goes on- including a special appearance at this year’s Flashback Weekend in early August.

Meanwhile, with most of us experiencing hot weather-can you tolerate spending some time with a newly-restored hottie on MeTV tonight?!

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 during show

Mikeyyy 22 days ago
The silence is deafening!!
drummerman56 Mikeyyy 22 days ago
Can't type and watch the clock.
abc123 23 days ago
I will be at sports tomorrow and not watching. If I did watch, THIS would be my "snack". It is only 10 years old...
RobBarnes abc123 22 days ago
So in other words you are not addicted to it, your not Jonesing for it.
Klaatu 23 days ago
“The White Zone is for immediate passenger loading and unloading only!”
Klaatu 22 days ago
This comment has been removed.
drummerman56 Klaatu 22 days ago
Who's driving that thing?
CountCurt Klaatu 22 days ago
Love it.
CountCurt drummerman56 22 days ago
Ah! My late dear mother’s favourite.
deadringer42 23 days ago
Happy anniversary to the Aceman and the Mrs Aceman🍾🍾🍾
Drang 23 days ago
RIP Martin Mull
deadringer42 Drang 23 days ago
Awwww, Sad
Klaatu Drang 23 days ago
I read that. Sad 😢 Mull had many memorable roles👍
Katink Drang 23 days ago
Loved him in Fernwood 2night💕
The1Butler Katink 23 days ago
2 and half Men ! He was the pharmacist!
The1Butler The1Butler 23 days ago
2 and a half
RobBarnes Drang 22 days ago
Dang, Drang! Seems like they are dropping like flies this summer in batches of 3 per usual.
Mikeyyy RobBarnes 22 days ago
Yea I noticed that too!
Cartoondave 23 days ago
To the folks from TBBC I am wondering who gave me all those things that Catbat sent me about a month or two ago? I am definitely one of these days going to watch the DVD-R version of Brides of Dracula whomever sent me that hopefully by Halloween
RobBarnes Cartoondave 22 days ago
Nice gift there David as the unedited "R" rated ones are rarely found on Dracula compilations from Universal or other larger US studios. Usually you need to purchase them at a boutique like Vinegar Syndrome. Hammer isn't as uptight.
Svenboy 23 days ago
Had a good day today at Knotts but it was hot! Hello summer!🥹 did beary tales and mine ride and sky cabin and Johnny rockets for lunch. Checked out the revamped camp snoopy bit didn’t do any of the rides. The only ride I used to do in that area was the train. Did meet and greet and get a pic with snoopy and Lucy van pelt.saw the cameo Kate show in the birdcage theater. Enjoyed it. As a pass perk because of the number visits this month, I get a free bring a friend ticket to give to someone to be used in July. I wish i could have gotten a pic with cameo Kate but she didn’t come out after the show. Rest in peace camp snoopy theater.
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daleuhlmann Svenboy 22 days ago
Fun pics, Svenboy!
daleuhlmann Svenboy 22 days ago
Svenboy daleuhlmann 22 days ago
Thanks dale! Hope all is well with you!😀
CountCurt Svenboy 22 days ago
You are in good company with Snoopy and Lucy
Mikeyyy 23 days ago
Wow not many quotes to pick from in this one. I’m betting those that do use a movie quote will use one from smolkin.
MrsG Mikeyyy 23 days ago
Can’t go wrong with a little number from the Svenettes ~ 5-6-7-8 ~

👯‍♀️ 🧡 ^_* 💙 👯‍♀️
Katink MrsG 23 days ago
This is one of my favorite Svenette dance routines, MrsG!
MrsG Katink 23 days ago
Just keeps getting better Katink 💃🖤*_*♥️💃
Klaatu 23 days ago
Take a peek at Atomic Snack Bar on that Tube channel. He reviewed Creation of the Humanoids and mentioned seeing the movie on Svengoolie. Now that’s a great cross-promotion👍
PARANORMA Klaatu 23 days ago
Same place, just saw "Alien Trespass"(2008). Do not make the same mistake.
Lucyc 23 days ago
TGIF, y'all. What:s left of it, anyway.
I found this new article about what has become a Svengoolie staple, the TV movie, Gargoyles. So, I thought it might be of interest to some.
Katink 23 days ago
Just catching up. Happy belated anniversary to Mr and Mrs Aceman💕
NoPersonalChicks 23 days ago
Ran across this pic from 35 years ago today. I could stand another afternoon Monkeefest, for the cameos if nothing else. I also remember an extensive memorabilia exhibition from a woman who was REALLY into them on Collector's Call about a year ago.
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Hey ladies im not your steppin stone !😍
The1Butler The1Butler 23 days ago
I liked the Monkeys binge on Catchy last weekend. Lots of guest stars like VP !
IMHO, 1.5 were true musicians, 2-3 could kinda, sorta act and all 4 brought alot of fun answering the Beatles here in the States. Move to the back please, plenty of room on the 4 piece pop-rock bandwagon.
RobBarnes The1Butler 22 days ago
"then I saw her face, she was a retriever...."
PatS 23 days ago

I must publicly eat a big dish of crow. I e-mailed MeTV about the "Mitch McConnell" picture in the gallery, re-posted on the blog. That was around Wednesday evening. The photo was taken down from the blog, but it was still in the Fan Gallery Friday. Maybe all the blog changes and political stuff had me antsy.

Anyway, WE WERE WRONG. It's not Mitch. And it's not photoshopped (The Blog Admin had it wrong, too). It's just a Sven fan, visiting the V.O.A. Museum in Ohio, who had his photo snapped. Probably a perfectly nice guy, who just happens to have McConnell's hairline and similar glasses. My apologies to him, to you, and to the nice MeTV staffer who sent me blown-up images of the two guys.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.
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BEATNGU2 Mamootsa 23 days ago
Its FooGayzee My Dear
BEATNGU2 Mamootsa 23 days ago
Are you from Brooklyn with that kind of vocabulary?
Mamootsa BEATNGU2 23 days ago
You got that right Beat
daleuhlmann PatS 22 days ago
Thank you, Pat, for posting this, and please pass me a heaping helping of that crow, too. I must apologize for my own earlier objections to that photo, and to this loyal Sven fan.
CountCurt 23 days ago

No Jamie-Lee nor Lindsay can deny it.
The Freaky Friday Evening is upon us.
But don’t fuss.
Delight in that it is the Big Broadcast Eve.
It is In Sven that we believe.
Celebrate his June’s 40th anniversary.
With Roger Korman’s The Undead Sorcery.
Sven was once again voted the viewers best
Beloved and cherished in the East, Central and West.
We can all attest.
Sven is heads above the rest.
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Catbat CountCurt 23 days ago
There is only one
CountCurt Catbat 23 days ago
Point well taken!
Klaatu 23 days ago
Marylin Monroe…named Artichoke Queen of Castroville. Well, way back when anyways.
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PARANORMA Klaatu 23 days ago
Oh great, now I'm going to have a craving for marinated artichoke hearts...
BEATNGU2 Mamootsa 23 days ago
CountCurt BEATNGU2 23 days ago
Very funny
Katink PARANORMA 23 days ago
Lucky me, PARANORMA! I have some left from my tapas themed dinner for The Pit and the Pendulum!
Klaatu 23 days ago
I Want To Believe…but what is it I want to believe in?? I’m clueless😂
ElizabethBoop 23 days ago
Just checked the MeTV schedule page for the next two weeks (don't worry, no Sven spoilers coming from me) and I see that the next stop for Bill the Cartoon Curator and Toony in their "Trekkin' All 50" project is Tennessee, coming up on July 2nd. No additional states until at least mid-July.

Also, about a week after they visit the Volunteer State, there looks to be a feature on cartoon villains. Wonder how much of my Warner Brothers Legion of Doom suggestion will turn up (just to recap, I mentioned Yosemite Sam, Witch Hazel, Marvin the Martian, Nasty Canasta, and Rocky & Muggsy, and failed to name Taz).
Mikeyyy ElizabethBoop 23 days ago
Hmm maybe I should have answered that Chicago call.
TheKodakKid Mikeyyy 23 days ago
They were just making sure you were busy the day they planned to film.😂🤣😂
Mikeyyy TheKodakKid 23 days ago
Friday is a busy day for me!
Deleted 23 days ago
This comment has been removed.
23 days ago
This comment has been removed.
23 days ago
This comment has been removed.
BEATNGU2 23 days ago
Why The Joker Removed ???
Its a METV Show
Mamootsa 23 days ago

You put up the wrong Joker Beat
BEATNGU2 23 days ago
Oh go fly like a eagle 🦅
CountCurt 23 days ago
BEATNGU2 23 days ago
A little info on “the Hunchback of Notre Dame” series
Original 1923 with Lon Chaney was a Universal film
The Charles Laughton ( which I prefer was an MGM / RKO Radio
Collaboration with rights purchased from Universal.
BEATNGU2 BEATNGU2 23 days ago
Hopefully somehow miraculously Svengoolie can preform some of his magic 🪄 and acquire this classic film. ( I will eventually post some other magic that Svengoolie’s Blog has thankfully done )
daleuhlmann BEATNGU2 23 days ago
Thank you for this background, Beatngu2; i think Lorre might have made an intriguing Quasimodo.
BEATNGU2 daleuhlmann 23 days ago
Great point Dale, yes Lorre would have filled the role with quality precision.
Klaatu BEATNGU2 23 days ago
“Hunchback” would be an awesome movie here, but I bet one of those “Classic Movie” channels we can’t mention has a million-year license own it.
BEATNGU2 Klaatu 23 days ago
CountCurt daleuhlmann 23 days ago
I second that
PARANORMA 23 days ago
MHOs re "House of the Long Shadows" have vanished without a trace. Dammit.
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