Will Astronauts Be Marooned on "The Angry Red Planet"?- Tonight!

Posted on July 6, 2024

Tonight on MeTV- it’s some spacey scares from director Ib Melchoir who brought us “The Time Travelers”- but these travelers are headed to the fourth planet in our solar system-for some tinted terror of the alien kind! The space explorers meet with deadly Martian mayhem when they land on “The Angry Red Planet”!

This 1959 science fiction film begins when a rocket ship, thought to be lost, reappears and lands back on Earth. A surviving member of this mission to Mars, Dr. Iris Ryan, unsteadily emerges from the ship and is taken to hospital- where she begins to tell the story of what they encountered, although she has amnesia regarding certain events.


She tells how the crew- comprised of herself, Col. Tom O’Bannion, Professor Gettell, and wacky chief warrant officer Sam- made the long journey through space and reached Mars, where they found the planet’s surface seemed unusually still- with everything bathed in red light. They suited up and left the ship to explore the planet surface-and find that the atmosphere there is NOT all still- with their first encounter with a Martian menace. They return to their ship, and realize all radio signals seem to be blocked- and they are unable to communicate with Earth.

Still looking for answers, they leave the ship once more- and discover (or are discovered by) more weird and frightening Martian creatures. What will befall the crew if these monstrosities get in the way of them lifting off from the red planet- and, at what cost?

This is a pretty unique film, which includes a memorable monster that fans of the punk rock band The Misfits will recognize from the cover of one of their albums. We’ll talk about that creature, and the background of the production- which utilized a special effects technique created by Moe Howard’s son-in-law Norman Maurer which he called “Cinemagic” (and there is a second 3 Stooges connection we will reveal to you). Of course, we’ll introduce you to the cast of the movie, which includes Naur Hayden, Gerald Mohr-who some say looks a lot like Humphrey Bogart, and familiar faces Les Tremayne and Jack Kruschen- explain the origins and workings of “Cinemagic”-give you an idea of where to stay if you ever venture to Mars- present an out-of-this world new song- get an intrusion- I mean, visit- from Nostalgiaferatoo- and more!

You can join us on our journey to “The Angry Red Planet” tonight on MeTV, departure time being 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time. The live-Tweeting continues at a fever pitch on Twitter/X during the show- and you can join in- please make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie in all your Tweets. In the Chicago viewing area, you can get an encore of Roger Corman’s “The Undead” at 11 am on our local station, WCIU, currently CW26 but soon to revert to its original monicker “The U”!

My 45th anniversary celebration moves into its second month- with more merchandise on the way, with more graphics done by popular comics artists-the latest by the phenomenal Mitch O’Connell ( That’s O’Connell- we have had some people confusing him with a political figure with a similar name). Please check out the store (I have one?!) in the MeTV Mall!

But tonight- buckle up for blast off and be ready to see red on MeTV!

And one last note, the Svengoolie App (I have an app?!) has been updated for the 45th anniversary with a fantastic photo feature! You can now snap a photo with the Sven Cam and add Svengoolie, Kerwyn, Nostalgiaferatoo, Gwengoolie and IMP to the photo you just took! You can save the photo to your phone to share with friends or social media. And you can submit the photo to Svengoolie.com to show up in the fan photos! Search for the Svengoolie App in your phone app store today. And see Svengoolie fan photos here.


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 during show

And we lost Actor James B. Sikking 90.

James B. Sikking, 'Hill Street Blues' and 'Doogie Howser, M.D.' actor, dies at 90
Story by Naledi Ushe, USA TODAY

James B. Sikking, an actor known for his roles on "Hill Street Blues" and "Doogie Howser, M.D.," has died. He was 90.

Sikking died Saturday due to complications from dementia, his publicist Cynthia Snyder told USA TODAY Monday.

"In a remarkable career, Sikking's wonderfully exciting face gave us drama, comedy, tragedy and hilarious farse," Snyder said in a statement. "His career spanned over six decades in television, film and on stage."


Bill_K 7 days ago
Good Afternoon, Everyone:

Just want to get this off before this flight takes off. I’ll definitely be seeing my friends in OK for the holidays.

2026 marks the centennial for Route 66 and there will be festivities in the 8 states that it runs through. If things are as they are now….. this could be a good possibility for the blog fest!
Shannon Doherty makes #3
Shannen Doherty, Star of “Charmed” and “Beverly Hills 90210” Dies at 53: 'Devoted Daughter, Sister, Aunt and Friend'
Story by Jodi Guglielmi, Aili Nahas

"It is with a heavy heart that I confirm the passing of actress Shannen Doherty. On Saturday, July 13, she lost her battle with cancer after many years of fighting the disease," Doherty's longtime publicist Leslie Sloane confirmed in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE on Sunday, July 14.

Well we also lost Richard Simmons !
Fitness guru Richard Simmons dead at 76

Eccentric fitness guru Richard Simmons, known for his unrelenting positivity, has died, according to his representative.

Simmons just celebrated his 76th birthday on Friday.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to his home after a 911 call from his housekeeper and found Simmons dead, according to police sources. He appears to have died of natural causes, and no foul play is suspected, the sources said.

Smilodon 8 days ago
Drang, your meme must have been extreme, cuz you are one of the pillars of this community. Didn't think you had it in ya! 💯
Smilodon 8 days ago
Hiya all my Svenfriends! Shout out to VanGooliac who was the only one that asked what happened to me 😸
Best buds from my advisory years arrived, doing a motorcycle tour. We saw a show, klinked til dawn. Sorry to miss "Angry Red Planet", but watched my young friends in Phobophilic (Norwegian Death Metal done Fargo style) blast a bar full of unprepared college kids and "Boomers" into paste.
I showed my military bros the Nekoma radar pyramid, and we went to the Cavalier Air Station Minuteman 3 launch museum (you can go down, see the controls, and sit in the chair facing the key that could have ended all life on Earth). It's a real thing. Always makes me want to pee.
But Van, no bones broken. See y'all tonight, I'm there for the cars!
Breaking News!!!!!!!
Dr. Ruth Westheimer, America’s diminutive and pioneering sex therapist, dies at 96
Story by MARK KENNEDY, AP Entertainment Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the diminutive sex therapist who became a pop icon, media star and best-selling author through her frank talk about once-taboo bedroom topics, has died. She was 96.

Westheimer died on Friday at her home in New York City, surrounded by her family, according to publicist and friend Pierre Lehu.

Nobody Can Score A 16/30 On This Vintage Sports Logo Quiz
Gameday News
Nobody Can Score A 16/30 On This Vintage Sports Logo Quiz
Westheimer never advocated risky sexual behavior. Instead, she encouraged an open dialogue on previously closeted issues that affected her audience of millions. Her one recurring theme was there was nothing to be ashamed of.

“I still hold old-fashioned values and I'm a bit of a square,” she told students at Michigan City High School in 2002. “Sex is a private art and a private matter. But still, it is a subject we must talk about.”
Westheimer's giggly, German-accented voice, coupled with her 4-foot-7 frame, made her an unlikely looking — and sounding — outlet for “sexual literacy.” The contradiction was one of the keys to her success.

But it was her extensive knowledge and training, coupled with her humorous, nonjudgmental manner, that catapulted her local radio program, "Sexually Speaking," into the national spotlight in the early 1980s. She had a nonjudgmental approach to what two consenting adults did in the privacy of their home.


Drang SOUTHWESTRANGER 8 days ago
Just saw that.
I made a meme about Doctor Ruth, which I won't share here lest I be cornfielded. It referenced both her fame as a sex therapist, and her earlier experience as a Hagannah sniper.
Just wish METV would pull those M*A*S*H reruns which presents a biased view of the Korean War and find something else to show !
PARANORMA 8 days ago
In like the last half hour 3 perfectly civil posts almost immediately vanished without a trace. Was beginning to think I was hallucinating until I got a response to one of them. Yeesh...
DOCTORLCB 8 days ago
Medical Joke:
Did you know that doctors write a secret message in Latin to the pharmacist on every Rx?
It says, "I got my money, now you get yours too!!!"
Now you know the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey, used to say.
Svenboy 8 days ago
I saw my old friend Brooke’s son in a play tonight. Enjoyed it. I won’t post any pics of me and her son because I want to respect privacy. I will instead post my senior pic.
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PARANORMA Svenboy 8 days ago
Looks like a very nice production, glad you all enjoyed it. What part did the young man play, was it a singing role?
PARANORMA Svenboy 8 days ago
They're right, you know. Except for the haircut you look virtually the same. No fair!
Svenboy PARANORMA 8 days ago
I definitely like my hair short. Easier to manage and less shampoo. I can fall asleep and it won’t get messed up. I am also always pic ready hair wise.
Svenboy PARANORMA 8 days ago
He was a sailor/chef.
DOCTORLCB 8 days ago
Good evening, How do you get to be the first one on the blog tonight?
The movie is a fun one this week.
Mikeyyy DOCTORLCB 8 days ago
I cheat! lol
DOCTORLCB Mikeyyy 8 days ago
The old commercial, "Give to Mikey, He will eat anything."
Do you remember that one?
What product was it for?
I will try again to get on first first tonight.
Katink DOCTORLCB 8 days ago
Practice. . . .
Katink DOCTORLCB 8 days ago
Life cereal, Doctor😄
DOCTORLCB Katink 8 days ago
Thank you, I will get some delivered with my grocery order tomorrow am
DOCTORLCB Katink 8 days ago
The real way to get well is laughter not pills. I know I was a pharmacist for 46 years.
abc123 DOCTORLCB 8 days ago
Try to be second and fail?
Bill_K 8 days ago
Good Evening, Everyone:

Settling in for a long evening. Unfortunately, my friends don’t get MeTV up here and since I am on vacation, O won’t be posting this week!

Talk to you tomorrow
Bill_K Bill_K 8 days ago
Klaatu Bill_K 8 days ago
When I’m away on vacation, I try to use my cable company App to watch TV. Sadly I can only get MeTV in the App when I’m home using my own WiFi. When away, only certain channels show up, and not MeTV😡. Is this stupid or what??
deadringer42 Klaatu 8 days ago
Have a great vacation break.
Klaatu deadringer42 8 days ago
No…I’ll never go on vacation ever again. I want my MeTV😁
DOCTORLCB Bill_K 8 days ago
Mamootsa 9 days ago

My grandson and his little
woof-woof 🐺
RobBarnes Mamootsa 8 days ago
Was it "Woof-woof"? For some reason I thought Eddie called him "Woofy".
Mikeyyy Mamootsa 8 days ago

Rob, yes it is woof woof.
RobBarnes Mikeyyy 8 days ago
My bad, I figured out where I got Wolfie from, the second Terminator when the T-800 (Arnie) was testing his opponent the new and improved T-1000 over the phone. John's dog'd name was Max but Arnie had him ask "How is Wolfie doing Janelle (step-mom) to which the T-1000 replied "Wolfie is fine." The Arnie just dead pans your step-parents are dead lol!
BEATNGU2 9 days ago
In bad weather throw a few of these on as I have the entire Twilight Zone boxed set
Yes KLAATU these are amazing stories by a genius, Rod Serling.
RobBarnes BEATNGU2 8 days ago
That's nice, I also have it in my collection. Did you also get the booklet that gives behind the scenes info for each EP? That's a verible fountain of knowledge and interesting tid bits.
BEATNGU2 RobBarnes 8 days ago
Yes got the booklets also
Cartoondave 9 days ago
My wifi is still having issues I'm hoping to get it resolved asap so in the meantime I don't think I'll be blogging much anymore but the only I can blog is when I'm visiting my sister in laconia New Hampshire her wifi is waaaay better than mine thank you for understanding
RobBarnes Cartoondave 8 days ago
Do you have the same issue on your phone and your lap top Dave?
Bill_K 9 days ago
Good Evening, Pardners:

The Cowboy Hall of Fame was a lot of Fun. And now it’s time for a home cooked meal.

Stopped for a bottle of Pop on the way home and since we are on Route 66 once again:
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That's probably a better bet, than some of The Munsters favorites, like cream of Vulture soup...
True, EP! (But I did NOT consider serving home made headcheese. . . . Ewwwww)
PARANORMA Bill_K 8 days ago
Nice treat from the Mother Road!
They had them as well!
Cartoondave 9 days ago
Ugh! What a week between meetings and mandatory briefings I'm so ready for some frightfully fun with Herman, lily, Eddie, Marilyn and Grandpa tomorrow night maybe I'll watch the first episode before then or maybe that unaired minisode and see how bad it was?
RobBarnes Cartoondave 8 days ago
Sounds like a good warm up. "My Fair Munster" co-starred Joan Marshall as "Phoebe Munster" and a different actor playing Eddie "Wolfgang" Munster. The other interesting thing about the pilot is that it was filmed in color and you get to see what the house and whatnot looked IRL so to speak. Do you like Rob Zombie's version?
Klaatu 9 days ago
HoneyBee456, loss of TV reception is why you need a Cable box with a DVR. You can record hours and hours of MeTV shows and watch them anytime. Right now I’m watching Twilight Zone from last night👍
Klaatu Klaatu 9 days ago
And speaking of TZ, as I watch I realize how awesome this show was and how it influenced many TV shows and movies ever since. This is just fantastic 30 minutes of brilliant story telling.👍
PARANORMA Klaatu 9 days ago
Don't think it's too much to say it's about as fundamental as Shakespeare in that respect.
You can DVR over the air, it's not too difficult, you pick up the equipment fairly inexpensively.
Cable was down here in Houston after the hurricane too, it goes down easier than OTA.
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