In Case You “Mist” It Before- Set Your Peepers on “The Crawling Eye”- Tonight!

Yes, tonight we kick off a full month of trick-or-treats, all part of “Svengoolie’s Halloween BOO-nanza”- beginning with what has been called the most frightening made for TV movie of all time- “Trilogy of Terror”! This anxiety-filled anthology is just the start of a full night of fight and fun- followed by the new special “Svengoolie Uncrypted” and the return of Sventoonie!

We begin with the 1975 film based on three stories by the legendary Richard Matheson, with each tale starring Karen Black. The first “Julie” features Karen as a quiet and reserved English teacher who has Chad, one of her college students, obsessed with her. This is no healthy crush- Chad has nasty intentions...

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