It's a Casket Classic from the Castle- Bela Lugosi Stars as "Dracula"- Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV, it’s desert disaster when we bring back an early 70s "made for TV" movie that many viewers can’t get enough of! An anthropologist author and his daughter take a trip to the desolate area to work as “mythbusters” and skeptically research creatures that prove to be all too real-and ready to rule over mankind – beware the "Gargoyles"!

The lovely Diana, daughter of Dr. Mercer Boley, writer and investigator/debunker of demonology, meets her dad at an airport in the American southwest. She will act as the photographer on her father’s new book project and depart for the next research destination- but seem to have taken the wrong route. Along their way, they stop at a “t...

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