There Could Nevermore Be Terror Like Lugosi and Karloff in “The Raven”- Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV- we follow up last week’s presentation of Hammer Studios’ version of the Frankenstein origin -with their take on the beginnings of the king of the vampires- portrayed for the first (and certainly not last) time by the great Christopher Lee! It’s his first face off against his archenemy Van Helsing (played by the other half of Hammer’s dynamic duo- Peter Cushing!) in the full-color tale of the “Horror of Dracula”!

This version of the story opens much like Bram Stoker’s novel- with one Jonathan Harker (not Renfield) arriving at the castle of Count Dracula-except, in this story, he’s arriving not to provide him with a real estate contract- but to take the job of – li...

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