Star Trek is looking for interns and, uh, are we too old to join Starfleet?

Starfleet wants YOU!

Kids all over the world have dreamed of joining Starfleet for decades. Well, for a few lucky people, it's finally going to happen.

Technically, it isn't Starfleet itself -- it's the Television Academy Foundation Internships: 'Star Trek' Command Training Program. Two interns a semester will be working on a Star Trek program, getting experience with writing, wardrobe design, on-set production, animation, and postproduction.

CBS will also be coordinating mentorships and curriculum, and alumni will get lifetime professional support. It hasn't been said yet which Star Trek show the interns will be working on, considering there's several in development. There's the ongoing Star Trek: Discovery, the new Star Trek: Section 31, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, and the much-buzzed-about Star Trek: Picard, as well as the animated Star Trek: Lower Decks. And that's not even considering the Star Trek: Short Treks web series or the as-yet-untitled Nickelodeon animated series. 

That's a lot of Star Trek. Of course, they'll need some helpful Redshirts -- er, interns.

The application for the program can be found here, but one would expect that it's going to be very competitive.

After all, you're following in the footsteps of the likes of James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, and Kathryn Janeway. You've got to be the galaxy's best and brightest!

Watch Star Trek on MeTV!

Saturdays at 10 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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AnnaRentzVandenhazel 56 months ago
I thought only Kirk wore yellow, and the rest of the bridge crew wore red or blue. I'm pretty sure Uhuru did not wear a yellow dress!
The female uniforms were culottes actually. But in the "Corbonite Maneuver" which I just saw last night, her uniform was indeed yellow. It's been reported that Kirk wore a green uniform shirt at times, although the difference in color is not always transmitted well. The original selection of "color" in any series transmitted in black and white is usually based on contrast. Either unto themselves (via pattern) or against backdrop. it could be why Uhura's uniform color eventually changed. And to indicate a higher rank than originally assigned.
djw1120 Pacificsun 56 months ago
Not true.
In Star Trek: The Original Series, officers (and crewmen) wearing red were in the Engineering and Services (including Security) divisions. So Uhura being in the services (Communications) division would wear a red uniform.
Officers - and crewmen - wearing gold (or yellow if you please) were in the Command division (although Kirk was known to wear a lime green shirt from time to time).
Officers - and crewmen - wearing blue were in the Sciences and/or Medical divisions.
In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager the colors of gold and red were reversed.
Officers - and crewmen - wearing red were in the Command division and those wearing gold (or yellow) were in the Engineering and/or Services divisions.
Officers - and crewmen - wearing blue were still in the Sciences and/or Medical divisions.
Of course, that was until they brought out NEW UNIFORMS for the 24th century Star Treks, but the same colors were used to indicate which division that person was in.
djw1120 Pacificsun 56 months ago
BTW: Colors had nothing to do with what the person's rank was.
In Star Trek: The Original Series, rank was indicated by a series of stripes and/or "dashes" on the cuff of a person's uniform.
A solid stripe indicated a rank of Lieutenant (such as on Sulu's and Uhura's uniforms); A solid strip with a series of "dashes" indicated a rank of Lieutenant Commander (such as McCoy and Scotty); Two solid stripes indicated a rank of a full Commander (Spock); And two solid stripes with a series of "dashes" in-between indicated a rank of Captain (Kirk of course).
On the 24th century Star Trek series - The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager - ranks were indicated by the number and color of "pips" on the person's collar.
One dark pip indicated a rank of Ensign (like Wesley Crusher on The Next Generation or Harry Kim on Voyager).
One dark plus one light colored pip indicated a rank of Lieutenant JG (like Geordie and Worf in the beginning of The Next Generation series).
Two light pips indicated a rank of full Lieutenant.
Two light pips plus one dark colored one indicated a rank of Lieutenant Commander (like Data on The Next Generation).
Three light colored pips indicated a rank of full Commander (like Riker on The Next Generation).
And four light colored pips indicated a rank of Captain (like Picard, Sisko and Janeway).
And on Star Trek: Enterprise, Archer had four pips on his uniform as well.
ELEANOR 57 months ago
Just look at that conference room table littered with personal computers and communicators. All just stuff dreamed up by Gene Roddenberry and company. AND NOW, TA DA!! These things really exist. And are used every day by everyone.
Pacificsun ELEANOR 56 months ago
Of course PCs were actually networked throughout the Ship and lined to every communication portal. Although that Tri-Screen on the conference room table was pretty nifty! On the Bridge, ST's version of an iPad was more like a Touchscreen, with a "magic slate" inside a rigid frame and useful for signing with a pen. The Tri-Corder was more like a standalone iPad (see City on the Edge of Forever) although it was mostly linked to the Ship's mainframe. Have heard ST's automatic doors came before the pneumatic doors we now take for granted. They used small hard disks which by-passed the "floppy disks" once inserted into our own Personal Computers. And doctors are using versions of the medical equipment featured on the show.

It's been said that GR consulted with gadget "visionaries" about what would eventually come to market. Meaning, not necessarily every concept was "invented" by ST alone. But certainly how they were visually presented and used on screen, was!!
Pacificsun Pacificsun 56 months ago
S/B "linked" of course! WHEN will the edit feature return!
cperrynaples 57 months ago
The answer is yes you are UNLESS you want to be a red shirt...LOL!!!
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