Guess the Star Trek episode from these out-of-context shots

In which episode did Kirk get existential?


It seems like there aren't many casual Star Trek fans. If you like Star Trek, you know Star Trek. Let's put that theory to the test today!


We've taken some shots from random episodes of the classic series (with the subtitles on) and we want to see if you can guess what episode they're from.

Think about characters that were only in certain episodes or sounds that didn't commonly occur in the series and see if you can guess each one!

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Guess the Star Trek episode from these out-of-context shots

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StrayCat 22 months ago
13 of 13. This means it was too easy, or I watch too much Star Trek.
RJOwles 28 months ago
I am saddened by the fact that I know all of these. I can do the same with the original Doctor Who as well.
MikeBaker 28 months ago
13 for 13, Do I get into Starfleet Academy now?
Pacificsun 55 months ago
That I didn't get 100% is quite reassuring! That means I'm not totally obsessed with Star Trek.

Just a little!
Lacey 57 months ago
13/13 and I only had to guess at # 12
STTOS 58 months ago
You got 12 out of 13 - Hip Hip Hoorah! You don't need context to prove your Star Trek fandom! Missed #11. Had it narrowed to 2 answers and picked the wrong one. I'm off to the brig!!
TXGeek 58 months ago
12/13 because I talked myself out of the right answer for #11.
Lacey 58 months ago
11/13 I am always amazed at how much a fan I am and how often I get the titles wrong.
djw1120 Lacey 58 months ago
Ain't that the truth.
11 out of 13 too.
I missed #'s 10 & 11
DaveBunzel 58 months ago
Got them all. Easy. Sorry for everyone who thinks a quiz is only good if you're good at it.
leebillyold 58 months ago
i Hate this quiz, too difficult 1/13
cperrynaples 58 months ago
6/!3! I'm not a super fan, so unless they were obvious I didn't get them! Who doesn't remember Lincoln and the black/white aliens?
Are you typing #'s in Spanish? What's up w/2 "!!"? {In case you didn't know, the Spanish language uses an "!" at the beginning and end of a sentence. Same goes for a "?"
Sorry Stephanie, sometimes my 1 key sticks on !, so clearly I meant 6/13! Yes, I do know about Spanish punctuation and that those 2 are upside down at the beginning and rightside up at the end!
teire 58 months ago
7/13, terrible, knew one and guessed the rest.
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