William Shatner isn’t interested in revisiting his most famous role

Sequel culture can’t touch Captain Kirk

It seems like every week there’s another classic property getting remade or recycled in some way. One recent example is the CBS All Access streaming show Star Trek: Picard.

As the title suggests, the show is a sequel to Star Trek: The Next Generation and its subsequent movies. It centers around Captain Jean-Luc Picard, played once again by Patrick Stewart.

Based on the success of Picard and Star Trek: Discovery, which takes place ten years before the original series, it’s tempting to think of other stories from the Star Trek universe that could be told. Is there an opportunity to check back in with certain members of the original Enterprise crew?

A fan on Twitter recently asked William Shatner if he would be interested in playing James T. Kirk in a new series.

Shatner replied: "No. I think Kirk’s story is pretty well played out at this point."

Well, there you have it! Straight from the man himself.

Any sequel series involving Captain Kirk would have to find a way around his death in the 1994 movie Star Trek: Generations. Although, that might be a welcome development for some fans who weren’t pleased with the climactic events in that film.

It looks like William Shatner wants to make it clear he’s not interested in reprising his role, however. But who knows? Patrick Stewart said he was done playing Picard after the movie Star Trek: Nemesis.

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SoCalNative 43 months ago
Bill is such a talented actor. I've gained an even greater appreciation of his ability after watching Star Trek TOS today as an adult. He was one of the key people that made that show believeable. There will never be another Kelly, Nimoy, DC Fontana, Gene Coon or William Shatner. They were what made Star Trek great.
lkmont123 49 months ago
Mr Shatner is a class act and I love him as Captain Kirk!
Snickers lkmont123 29 months ago
Lost all respect for Shatner when he was to busy to be there for Nimoy's burial. Claims they were such great friends but couldn't delay a business commitment to be there.
TCKirkham 52 months ago
The number of people giving Bill grief oveer his statement this week is so silly. Bill has embraced his part of television history, but as Kirk died - TWICE - in "Generations", he knows that train has passed. So many outlets have portrayed him as dissing the fan who asked the question, and nothing could be further from the truth - he simply explained why he didn't think he would be playing the role again. He was correct, he was friendly, and people ought to give him a break on this subject...geez louise...:-)
Catman TCKirkham 52 months ago
Agreed. Shatner has it right. I am an OS fan, Kirk is my captain, but Shatner did his job and his decision should be respected.
Barry22 52 months ago
Star Trek Generations was a terrible movie.
harlow1313 52 months ago
They could get Burt Mustin to portray Mr. Spock. (My guess is that Burt is still alive.)
CaptainDunsel harlow1313 42 months ago
Sadly, Burt Mustin died in 1977, But at least he didn't end up in the jar... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWz8YHMUcpg&feature=youtu.be&t=842
cperrynaples 52 months ago
Really, don't you think Shatner is whining about the fact that Patrick Stewart got a new show and he never got asked to appear on it? I'm sure George Takai would agree with that statement...LOL!!
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cperrynaples Pacificsun 52 months ago
Actually, Shatner has always loved being Kirk! Yes, I do remember the "Get a life" sketch from SNL, but he was jealous that Nimoy got to be in ST 2.0 and he didn't!
Catman cperrynaples 52 months ago

cperrynaples Catman 52 months ago
Yes, I did misspell his name, so Sorry! And yes I did see him on MI this past Sunday!
peacefrog77 cperrynaples 52 months ago
Picard sucks.
RobCertSDSCascap 52 months ago
He's almost 89. He lived long and promiscuous.
texasluva 52 months ago
He's no Spring Chicken and his most his crew has gone to the highway in the Sky. You can see one of his recent fights and it ain't too pretty (6 years ago). He's now a fluff cake and those aliens will blow him into the next galaxy. What a ride though, huh.
Pacificsun texasluva 52 months ago
Say what you will, Mr. Shatner has always had a sense of humor!!
texasluva Pacificsun 52 months ago
Especially when the media kept asking about Takei, funny.
Pacificsun texasluva 52 months ago
It wouldn't surprise me if they both agreed (under the table) to fake the media feud just to fuel free publicity!!
texasluva Pacificsun 52 months ago
Who knows what lurks where some men have gone before. Though I think that Shatner's authoritative personality kind of irks Takei.
Greg texasluva 49 months ago
The over acting joke at the end of the ad is just proof Bill has a good sense of humor. I think Shatner is a much better actor than he gets credit for. At 87 he is just to old for more than a cameo.
JERRY6 52 months ago
he is right , no Spock , Mcoy or Scotty just would not be the same William is smart enough to know that .if the riht story line with theright characters were to come along maybe he would say yes . After all he is an NDG boy he has greatgreat instincts
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