Poll: Put together your ideal 4th of July celebration


4th of July weekend has arrived, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate America's birthday! Whether it's a long standing family tradition barbecue or a trip to the local parade or festival, everyone has their favorite parts about the day. 

Some opt for the occasional sparkler here and there, others go for it all with hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks, food and patriotic-themed drinks! 

This holiday weekend we're letting you decide what your favorite parts of the 4th of July are, by picking your go-to activities, foods and ways to enjoy the fireworks!

So we ask you, what is your ideal 4th of July celebration? Make your selections below and see how similar you are to your fellow Americans!

  1. It's the first thing on everyone's mind. What food do you look forward to the most at the 4th of July party?
  2. What drink of choice are you celebrating America with?
  3. What would be your go-to treat while enjoying the fireworks?
  4. Of these songs that are especially popular on the 4th of July, which one are you blaring?
  5. Of the following box-office movies released over or near the 4th of July weekends, which one are you watching this holiday?
  6. If 4th of July box office wasn't your movie of choice to get you in the holiday mood, what patriotic-themed movie are you watching?
  7. What fireworks are you setting off all day in preparation for the big show?
  8. What party activity are you doing during the 4th of July?
  9. If you were in a small town, how would you want to take in all the colors from the fireworks?
  10. Here are some ''top destinations'' in America. Of the choices below, where would you want to watch fireworks from?

Poll: Put together your ideal 4th of July celebration

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adamsbabe 21 months ago
We are lazy on July 4 every year lol
FestusFan2312 21 months ago
What about the song What is America to Me by Sinatra or America the Beautiful? As for movies…how about all day with John Wayne?
Wenatchee7 21 months ago
on question 10 none of the above was the answer to pick if you wanted to watch a fireworks display in something other than a crime ridden city.
Zip 21 months ago
54% similar.
For #4, I picked The Star Spangled Banner because, well... c'mon, it's the Star Spangled Banner.
But I must admit I really like the song, "America" by Neil Diamond. The way it builds up, is just majestic, and very patriotic.
roratj Zip 21 months ago
So true
WordsmithWorks 21 months ago
I don't think I've ever seen so many "none of the above" picks. And I think question #2 is missing an obvious choice.
Snickers 21 months ago
Sadly yet another mass shooting in this country. 6 dead and 30 wounded as they gathered to watch a Fourth of July parade. How many more times must we send prayers for the victims of this madness?
TheDavBow3 21 months ago
"None of the above" seems to be the most popular answer and for me too. Those choices for fireworks destinations seem to be kinda unsafe, crazy cities. So "none of the above" for sure. I have to go to work bright and early on July 5th (I worked on July 4th as well) so not so much destination celebrations. A quiet, sincere celebration on the home front for me 🧨🇺🇲🎆🇺🇸
ELEANOR 21 months ago
Hit None of the Above for most of them and got 78%. As a note, they omitted Watermelons under Go-to Treats. I happened to see many people walking out of the store with large watermelons.
Moverfan ELEANOR 21 months ago
That question also needs another option--none of the above definitely needs to be followed or preceded by yes, please! (Pass the popcorn, would you?)
TheMcG 21 months ago
Last question: On the beach anywhere from Gulf Shores, Alabama to Panama City Beach, Florida.
Michael 21 months ago
No "US Blues" by the Grateful Dead?
ELEANOR 21 months ago
What piece of music am I listening to on the Fourth? Why it is the most iconic piece of music there is, sometimes with live canons. It is the "Overture of 1812" of course. Every fireworks display is NOT COMPLETE until the "Overture of 1812" is played, and canons are optional, of course.
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