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This guy is your new MacGyver

One of the X-Men will soon be saving the day with duct tape and chewing gum.

Do you remember the top films of 1986?

30 years ago, the box office was dominated by sequels, aliens, and one very mischievous student.

These were the top films of 1976. How many have you seen?

This was the year Rocky Balboa climbed up the stairs in Philadelphia and King Kong climbed up the World Trade Center in New York City.

11 short-lived TV shows that were based on movies

Screen legends like Gene Kelly, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field all starred in these failed TV adaptations.

11 Pretty Amazing Facts about 'Pretty in Pink'

Did you know Molly Ringwald almost lost the role that was written for her?

How well do you remember the 1976 Oscars?

Jack Nicholson won big, a screen legend got a huge honor, and there were some surprising guests at the 1976 Academy Awards.

13 Oscar-worthy TV movies of the 1970s

The small screen was once loaded with big Hollywood names like Spielberg, Hepburn, Elvis and Carpenter. These television films deserved the cinemas.

Ferris Bueller Festival planned for 30th anniversary in Chicago

For one weekend, you can relive the day Ferris Bueller skipped school.

Box Office Flashback: These were the top films this weekend in 1983

33 years ago at the box office, you could see Dustin Hoffman in drag and Ben Kingsley portraying one of the world's greatest leaders.

Box Office Flashback: These were the top films this weekend in 1982

Valentine's Day weekend is always a big one at the box office, and that was no exception 24 years ago. How many of these classic films do you remember?

Johnny Depp to star in remake of "The Invisible Man"

The actor known for portraying elaborate characters adds another one to his resume.

'MacGyver' is finally coming to the big screen

Good news to all the 'MacGyver' fans out there... He'll finally have his own movie!

The top 10 films this week in 1986. Do you remember any of these?

There were a lot of movies to choose from in February of 1986. Do any of these ring a bell?

13 attention grabbing titles of 1970s and '80s after school specials

Nobody did teen drama and educational films better than '70s and '80s after school specials. Keep your eyes peeled for Oscar nominees!

Ranking all 7 of Penny Marshall's movies from worst to best

The 'Laverne & Shirley' star helmed a handful of classics in the late '80s, early '90s.

8 movie remakes that didn't live up to the original TV show

There was so much hope for these remakes, but they disappointed fans and critics of the original TV series they hoped to pay homage to.

Top 10 movies of 1966. How many have you seen?

Stage adaptations, Italian directors, Navy men and Western stars dominated the box office 50 years ago.

Ranking the top 5 Don Knotts movies

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of 'The Ghost and Mr. Chicken,' we count down a handful of Knotts comedies.

The 'CHiPs' remake rounds out its cast

The cinematic reboot is currently in production with star Dax Shepard at the helm.

The first James Bond was an American veteran

Barry Nelson was the first actor to portray the super spy. He went by the name of Bond, Jimmy Bond.

Which 'Back to the Future' era would you want to live in?

Which era had the best pop culture? Measure up the films, music and television of the three dates in Marty McFly's time travels.

Quentin Tarantino cites 'The Big Valley' and 'Bonanza' as inspirations behind his latest film

The director's new western was inspired by classic television. We're rounded up five episodes that serve as great examples.

Get a good, detailed look at the new Wonder Woman costume

DC Collectibles offers up a new statue of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. How does it stack up against the classic Lynda Carter look?

Watch Mark Ruffalo play Columbo

Watch the new unofficial Star Trek movie with Chekov for free

A new (unofficial) Star Trek movie premieres this weekend

Which 1960s spy deserves to hit the big screen next?

The top 8 Wonder Women from television and the movies