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Can you pick the correct lyrics from these often misheard TV theme songs?

"Schlemiel, Schlimazel…"

Can you identify these guest stars on 'The Brady Bunch'?

Pop stars, football players and ventriloquists!

Can you identify these TV shows by their beaches and pools?

It takes a true TV expert to make a splash on this quiz.

Can you name these characters from 'Battlestar Galactica'?

Do you remember these stars? Some of them were named after stars.


12 primetime TV shows with puppets — including ALF

From Kukla and Ollie to ALF and beyond.

MeTV's Summer of Love event serves up 'Love Boat' specials and 'Love, American Style'

Catch a young Harrison Ford, a forgotten cartoon and the rare pilot of 'Happy Days' in our eight-week event.

Natalie Schafer ate nothing but ice cream

Why do we love Lovey? She ate nothing but ice cream. Literally.

Which network had the greatest comedy block of all time?

What was your definition of must-see TV?

Watch the rarely seen introduction to the first episode of 'Leave It to Beaver'

Cold ice cream, warm and fuzzy feelings.

The top 30 characters on 'Happy Days,' ranked

Are you Team Potsie or Team Ralph?

In defense of Fonzie jumping the shark, which is not the jump the shark moment of 'Happy Days'

Instead of "Jumping the Shark," should we be talking about "the Shamrock Sandwich" or "Kissing the Nun" instead?

ALF has been a constant presence on TV for three decades

Let's take a look at ALF's many cameo appearances.

'ALF,' 'My Three Sons,' 'Battlestar Galactica' and more join the MeTV Summer of Me 2017 Schedule

Download our summer schedule to learn about all the great new additions to the lineup.

Barry Williams is your tour guide for The Summer of Me

MeTV’s The Summer of Me kicks off on Monday, May 29

8 reasons why 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' might be the greatest TV show ever

Brilliant directors, brilliant actors, brilliant writers. It's that simple.

13 fascinating facts about 'My Three Sons'

It's the second longest running sitcom in history. Find out how it relates to 'Green Acres,' Gene Autry and Captain & Tennille.

13 furry, out-of-this-world facts about 'ALF'

The '80s alien met Gilligan and Matlock, released pop albums in Germany, and had his own baseball card.