Who sang these 4th of July super hits of the 1990s?

Just take this quiz ''Step By Step'' and you'll be fine!


Thirty-two years have come and gone since 1990, and yes, that is an accurate statement! The '90s decade brought on new technology, new TV shows and plenty of new music. 

There was a shift away from big hair and power chords, and a shift towards boy bands, girl groups and new forms of pop music. As the nation gets set for fireworks, barbecues and hot summer days, let's take a journey back to the top songs playing on the 4th of July each year throughout the 1990s. 

Do you remember these hits, or are there some you'd want to forget? Either way, take a look at the No. 1 songs according to the Billboard Hot 100 charts every 4th of July in the 1990s, and see if you can pair the song titles to their respective artist or artists! Good luck!

  1. This boy band sensation took things ''Step By Step'' with the top song on the 4th of July in 1990.
  2. There wouldn't be a ''Rush Rush'' to hear this song again on the radio on the 4th of July, 1991.
  3. ''Baby Got Back'' was the No. 1 song on the 4th of July in 1992! Who sang it?
  4. The song ''Weak'' was atop the charts on the 4th of July in 1993. Which acronym-named group sang this song?
  5. In 1994 the ballad ''I Swear'' was No. 1 on America's birthday! Which group sang this one?
  6. Don't go chasing ''Waterfalls'' was atop the charts on the 4th of July in 1995! What all-girl group sang it?
  7. See you at ''Tha Crossroads'' went to No. 1 on the 4th of July in 1996.
  8. ''I'll Be Missing You'' was the top song on the 4th of July in 1997. Who put this song out?
  9. Which tandem sang ''The Boy Is Mine,'' which was No. 1 over 4th of July in 1998?
  10. Finally, in 1999, the top song in the country over the 4th of July was ''If You Had My Love.'' Do you know who sang it?

Who sang these 4th of July super hits of the 1990s?

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CouchPotato19 6 months ago
5/10. Garbage music if you could even call it music.
rosetta_stoned 11 months ago
1/10 - Sir Mix-A-Lot
To say it's not my type of music would be an understatement.
hyppymom 23 months ago
6/10 not bad for actually knowing one song and guessing the rest
roratj 23 months ago
Anybody remember a western series called Lawman staring John Russell and Peter Brown??
lmahabhashyam 23 months ago
2/10 I stopped listening to nineties pop music. I actually switched over to country music in the eighty’s and by the early 2000s to classical symphonic as I had babies to get to sleep.
JewelsChuck 23 months ago
I wasn’t into that kind of music in that decade. I’m more into the sixties, seventies and eighties. So five right is where it’s at.
hyppymom JewelsChuck 23 months ago
6/10 just not my era. I'm still in the 60s, 70s, and some 80s
JL1965 23 months ago
4/10 I just remembered why I stopped listening to music past 1985 …
WordsmithWorks 23 months ago
5/10. That's about right, as I am not really a 90's pop listener.
roratj WordsmithWorks 23 months ago
Me neither
RichLorn 23 months ago
3/10, all guesses.
July 4th you'll catch me whistling America the Beautiful, with a big sloppy bbq St Louis rib in one hand and a cold brewski in the other.
Muleskinner 23 months ago
2/10. This is not a good quiz day for me. 😫
vinman63 23 months ago
3 out of 10 ninety music was not my forte.
Kergooliewyn 23 months ago
6/10 and dumbfounded by it. How did I do that good? 🤯😄😄
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