Can you dig all this Sixties surfer slang from Gidget?

Shoot the curl and have a gas, this quiz is the whaling ultimate!


The classic Sally Field sitcom Gidget is the perfect summer show. It is a one-season wonder that has stood the test of time. Instead of trying to tell general stories about family life and high school ups and downs, the show focuses almost entirely on the mid-Sixties surfer culture of southern California, and its specificity is its strength. 

Along with the many beach scenes and wave-riding adventures comes the lingo used by teens at the time, or at least teens on TV at the time.

Here are 10 groovy words and phrases from the show. Can you dig them all?

  1. "Boss chow" refers to what?
  2. "To paraphrase Aristotle: life is a gas," meaning...
  3. "I always thought parallel parking was a snap," meaning it was...
  4. What does "shooting the curl" mean?
  5. "This could be hairy"
  6. "The whaling ultimate"
  7. Flaky
  8. "He’s got a real case on me"
  9. "Look at all these wiggy birds around here"
  10. "Moondoggie" is...

Can you dig all this Sixties surfer slang from Gidget?

Your Result...

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scp 21 months ago
10 out of 10. Interesting, given that it's a bit before my time (born in late 1960s). Watching all those beach movies obviously didn't hurt.
Charleshorse 22 months ago
It would be the coolest if METV brought Gidget back to their lineup
texasluva 22 months ago
Hallelujah, Hallelujah we have an awesome winner. We can thank MrsPhilHarris For this viewing. Congrats MPH

Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) 2 hr 45 min
Director: Sergio Leone
Henry Fonda
Charles Bronson
Jason Robards
Claudia Cardinale
Woody Strode
Jack Elam
Keenan Wynn

Once at address it will take around 15 sec before it starts after entering. Wonderful film and in my opinion its as good as Good Bad and The Ugly. Drama all the way through.

texasluva 22 months ago
Movie Quiz for Friday 07/15/2022

If your looking for a movie to watch this be the one. Seen it or not it's easily in most folks top 100. Probably top 10-20 for me. This was not easy to find being the dearly departed relatives are keeping their clutches a hold of copyright greed 50 plus years later. Don't you just hate that.

Let's start off touting not only the movie but actors in this movie. One of the best of the times. One playing just about every type of part. Another mostly a tough guy wanting to get revenge. A woman who played pretty much these type of movies. Also other stars backing up the big ones with clout. These were tough times in the past. People got what they needed by varying means. Some worked, some worked the working and took whatever they could by every means possible. Don't turn your back. This has so many different awesome parts to it. Just when you figure the coast is clear up pops the bad guy and cohorts. Not only that but the movie sound track works wonders to the settings. The most important thing to guessing this is please for the sake of cinema watch this and save it. The copy is great (3.2G). Run Time long.

One actor is near the top of the totem pole in fame. Not many TV shows but some. Over 100 credits and putting out a lot of blockbusters during eras (decades). Another one mostly a supporting actor with awards and also with a few TV spots. Our co-star actor who is usually in lead spots and many TV shows early in career then turns in to a mega monster star. Always seems to be near by when needed. He is one of the two main stars here. Well there's a woman too and she is also the main focus in this movie. Then comes the back up, back up guys. You see them all the time during this period of cinema. They usually don't last long but fill into some though spots. Might be the best of this Genre.

For those that do not have time to guess no problem. Come on back. See the winner and grab the movie. Maybe even a thanks to the Movie King or Queen Quiz winner. No two ways about it. We are here to have fun.

Straight from San Quentin--Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues.

Beowulf Main Theme (Extended)--I will be showing this movie soon. Most unbelievable scenes you will witness.

Remember Then - Larry Chance & the Earls 1962--


Judgment at Nuremberg verdict- I have this movie and will be showing (soon) it if no objections. It is one of the most powerful movies ever. The stars list is a mile long. The defense for the German judges played by Maximilian Schell was a powerful speech and he won an Academy Award for the part. Another for the best writing screenplay.
Spencer Tracy--Burt Lancaster--Richard Widmark--Judy Garland--Maximilian Schell
Marlene Dietrich--Montgomery Clift--William Shatner-

Gerry and the Pacemakers Live - I Like It- October 28, 1964 at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium- No less then 20 top groups including the Stones put on a show which might be the best performances indoors of all time--

The Rolling Stones at T.A.M.I. Show 29th of October 1964. A DJ colorized this since it was all black and white show back then- The end everyone was dancing on stage. Who would give tons of cash to be there?
. T.A.M.I. Show is a 1964 concert film released by American International Pictures.[1] It includes performances by numerous popular rock and roll and R&B musicians from the United States and England. The concert was held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on October 28 and 29, 1964. Free tickets were distributed to local high school students. The acronym "T.A.M.I." was used inconsistently in the show's publicity to mean both "Teenage Awards Music International" and "Teen Age Music International". The rest can be read here.
Jagger the absolute roving moving mechanical maniac.

Bonus Movie #1
Shield for Murder (1954) 1hr 21 min- Crime--Drama--Film-Noir-
Howard W. Koch---Edmond O'Brien

Edmond O'Brien---John Agar---Marla English---Claude Akins---Carolyn Jones

When a brutal police detective Lt. murders a bookmaker's runner for $25,000 in cash, a deaf mute sees him do it and now he finds he must kill again to cover his tracks.

Bonus Movie #2-

Kiss Me, Stupid (1964) 2 hr 5 min-Comedy---Romance-
Billy Wilder
Dean Martin---Kim Novak---Ray Walston---Felicia Farr

Jealous piano teacher Orville Spooner sends his beautiful wife, Zelda, away for the night while he tries to sell a song to famous nightclub singer Dino, who is stranded in town.
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….it’ll be 100 in a hour or so 😢
Come on down to the Friday Night Movie Quiz @: Did you see these villains on Batman or The Monkees?
texasluva LoveMETV22 22 months ago
Come on down to the Friday Night Movie Quiz @: Did you see these villains on Batman or The Monkees?
texasluva KJExpress 22 months ago
Come on down to the Friday Night Movie Quiz @: Did you see these villains on Batman or The Monkees?
MrsPhilHarris 22 months ago
I’m here! Is it Ocean’s Eleven? 😉
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 22 months ago
no its not but in the works next decade
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 22 months ago
Come on down to the Friday Night Movie Quiz @: Did you see these villains on Batman or The Monkees?
AllisonWunderland 22 months ago
🥱... I might have to go for a walk so I don't get too sleepy. See you later.
texasluva KJExpress 22 months ago
Don't stray too far. There's a MQ coming up soon......Plus the night is just starting.
texasluva texasluva 22 months ago
T-minus 5 minutes and counting......
KJExpress texasluva 22 months ago
Okay, here I am.
Dajj 22 months ago
9/10, like crazy, man!! Can you dig it???
JERRY6 23 months ago
8 some terms can be taken other ways
JewelsChuck 23 months ago
9/10 I’m a huge fan of Gidget. I was shocked that I got one wrong.
WordsmithWorks 23 months ago
10/10. I think #3, #5, and #7 are still in use.
Elkoman 23 months ago
Got them all, old school surfer! Thanks for the memories, Gidget
RichLorn 23 months ago
That one was for you Gidg.
Sadly, I specialized in underwater surfing.
Kergooliewyn 23 months ago
9/10 I misunderstood #4.
🏄‍♂️( never actually shot a curl) Otherwise, I dug this quiz.
ClassicTVnut 23 months ago
I was diggin' 7 out of 10 of that jive man!
bagandwallyfan52 23 months ago
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