How well do you remember the Leave It to Beaver episode 'Bank Account'?

It's time for another 'Leave It to Beaver' adventure!

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The adventures of Theodor "Beaver" Cleaver were nothing but amusing. Fans didn't have a problem sitting through a half-hour of curious, one-of-a-kind moments.

With Beaver, being a kid was more than just going to school, doing homework and being too young for certain things. It was about finding his place in the world and finding fun in everything, even if it got him in trouble.

No matter the situation, you could Leave It to Beaver to bring excitement. How well do you remember the episode "Bank Account"?

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  1. What was in the package Ward brought home?
  2. Where did Beaver hide his nickel?
  3. What did Ward suggest Wally and Beaver do with their money?
  4. Before heading to school, what did the boys find in the closet?
  5. What was Wally and Beaver's bright idea?
  6. After coming up with a plan, what did they do?
  7. When Ward found out they left school, what was his first thought?
  8. When they got to the sports store, what did they do to see if the jacket would fit their dad?
  9. How much was the jacket?
  10. What did they do when they didn't have enough money?
  11. What was Ward's response to the gift?

How well do you remember the Leave It to Beaver episode 'Bank Account'?

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