How well do you know these job situations on Leave It to Beaver?

From yard work to entrepreneurship, Wally and the Beaver didn’t shy away from working for their pennies.

When a kid needs some cash, the first stop they make is to their parents. It was always the first stop for Wally and Beaver, too!

Their dad, Ward, would usually chip in or meet the boys halfway so long as they showed effort or hardworking tendencies first. It's safe to say they came up with some interesting ways to generate extra change!

Can you answer these questions surrounding the money-making opportunities from Leave It to Beaver?

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  1. Beaver makes $5.00 while serving as Mr. Langley's caddie on the golf course, though he feels guilty for taking it, as Mr. Langley told Beaver to put down the wrong scores. As a result, Mr. Langley won a big bet. How much was the prize?
  2. What part of Wally's job as a soda fountain clerk makes Eddie Haskell jealous?
  3. How much does a young Beaver charge for a cup of water on a hot day while the mainline is being repaired?
  4. Wally, Eddie and Tooey build a clubhouse to play in and are charging their friends to become members. How much are they charging in this membership-based business?
  5. How much are they charging Beaver to join the clubhouse?
  6. To pay his membership fee at the club, Beaver gets into the advertising business using this sign. What local service gives him 75 cents to advertise on the back of the sign?
  7. Wally and Beaver are selling perfume that smells like "an old catcher's mitt." If they hit a quota, what do they get?
  8. Why do Wally and Beaver get fired from their paper route?
  9. Looking for money to buy something that costs $25.00, Beaver enters the business of selling frogs. What does he want to buy with his money from the frogs?
  10. What do Wally and Eddie do for Mr. Langley at his high-class reception, for which they are set to make $15.00?

How well do you know these job situations on Leave It to Beaver?

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robyni23 3 days ago
You got 10 out of 10
You'll be hired in no time with this swell score on your resume!
Pastorgman 19 days ago
You got 10 out of 10 - You'll be hired in no time with this swell score on your resume! But gee Wally, do I haveta work with Eddie!?
meTed 21 days ago
Pretty sure Beaver charged two different prices for a small and a large drink.
LH meTed 16 days ago
Yes he did. And then he charged as they were drinking (like a service station gas pump). Remember him counting?!
RobertK 22 days ago
9 0f 10. I missed the cup of water question, I didn't remember that episode. I did slow down and take some time on this one...
Dajj 24 days ago
Gee, I will have to cut more grass after my 6/10 score! Golly, and I had to guess alot.
Ready2go 26 days ago
9/10. Still watch every weekday.
cheduff 26 days ago
“Hey kid! What are you doing up there, taking a bath?”
cheduff 26 days ago
The LITB episode you refer to “In The Soup” was the most expensive episode costing $500K. At that time, a HUGE amount of money.
LoveMETV22 cheduff 25 days ago
$60,000 back then in the 1960's, adjusted for the present almost $510,000.
cheduff LoveMETV22 23 days ago
I wonder how much a 1965 Valiant cost back then?
LoveMETV22 cheduff 23 days ago
About $1,600 for the base model, up to $3,000 with bells and whistles. I wonder how much a model in good condition would get nowadays 57 years later ?
BorisK 27 days ago
"Hey Beaver! Put your foot on the ladies thumb!"
cheduff 27 days ago
Now commences the reign of King Charles Spaniel III. And the Consort.
cheduff 28 days ago
I meant Opie Taylor on TAGS! He went out selling “miracle salve”. Oops!! What a blunder mixing up Beaver and Opie!!
cheduff 28 days ago
What about Beaver’s job selling “miracle salve” door to door?
bsantaniello 28 days ago
7/10 shame on me. My favorite show I watch two episodes a day and I get only 7 right. 😵
ncadams27 28 days ago
#5 - $3.00 to join a clubhouse! If I had that much money back then I would have spent it on 20 hamburgers or 30 comic books or 30 ice cream cones or 60 Coke’s or 300 pieces of penny candy. Not to join a clubhouse.
Pacificsun 28 days ago
I do not remember some of those episodes. I don't think MeTV runs them all!
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