Do you remember what happened in the Leave It to Beaver episode 'New Neighbors'?

Do you remember this hilarious episode?

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The first seasons of shows are either a hit or miss. However, Leave It to Beaver caught viewers' attention from the introductory episode to the series finale.

The show followed the everyday adventures and shenanigans of Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver, a young boy growing up in a world where there was never a dull moment. Of course, it also focused on his family, his mom and dad, June and Ward Cleaver, and his older brother Wally.

With a legendary sitcom like this one, it's hard to figure out which episode was your ultimate favorite. Fans can choose between episodes from six seasons of family-oriented laughter.

Yet, how well do you remember the episode "New Neighbors" from season one?

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  1. Why did June not like Wally's friend Eddie?
  2. What did June want Wally to do?
  3. Who took the flowers over instead?
  4. What did Mrs. Donaldson do after Beaver gave her the flowers?
  5. What line did Eddie say to scare the Beaver about the kiss?
  6. What question did Beaver ask his dad?
  7. Why did the Donaldsons invite Beaver over?
  8. Why was Beaver against going over to the Donaldson's house?
  9. Where did the Beaver go after he ran out of their house?
  10. What happened at the end?

Do you remember what happened in the Leave It to Beaver episode 'New Neighbors'?

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