Can you complete the names of these spooky movies with alliterated titles?

'____ for Frankenstein,' ' Attack of the ____ People' and 'Murder with ____.' Can you fill in the blanks to these movie titles?


Alliteration titles have had a long standing tradition in entertainment from classic TV to film. It could be a series like The Brady Bunch, Hogan's Heroes or The Golden Girls. There's plenty of episode titles across a number of shows that are alliterated also. Think of the popular episode title, "Little Girl Lost," a title that has an episode in several shows

Whether they roll off the tounge, they fit the plot, or they are just fun to say, alliteration titles have appeared in spooky and horror movies for decades. 

Can you complete these scary movie titles, some of which have been seen on Svengoolie, with the correct word of alliteration? 

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  1. ____ on Haunted Hill (1959)
  2. ____ High (1974)
  3. ____ for Frankenstein (1973)
  4. The Monolith ____ (1957)
  5. Horror ____ (1973)
  6. Murder with ____ (1985)
  7. Fiend without a ____ (1958)
  8. Dear Dead ____ (1972)
  9. Attack of the ____ People (1958)
  10. ____ Homicide (1959)

Can you complete the names of these spooky movies with alliterated titles?

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Viv 10 months ago
Can you complete the names of these spooky movies with alliterated titles?
You got 9 out of 10
Does that score make you want to scream?
SusanWilkinson 12 months ago
Missed the last.
Ratt1959 SusanWilkinson 10 months ago
Same here. Had no clue which one it was.
Lacey 14 months ago
9/10 I did better than I thought.
RobertK 14 months ago
7 of 10. Not too bad considering the newer films weren't featured in my old "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazines that I pored over in the 60's.
JohninND RobertK 3 months ago
Me too, loved those back then.
Stoney 14 months ago
9 for 10. Missed the last one.
JHP 21 months ago
6/10 - I got my trick - now wheres my treat?

texasluva 21 months ago
KJExpess took the right turn and guessed our MQ Sunset Boulevard. Congrats KJE. Let's all take a look
Sunset Boulevard (1950)-1 hr 50 min-Drama--Film-Noir-
Billy Wilder
William Holden---Gloria Swanson---Erich von Stroheim---Nancy Olson-
Jack Webb---Fred Clark-
texasluva 21 months ago
Movie Quiz 10/28/2022

A struggling screenwriter and a former film star who draws him into her demented fantasy world in hope of rekindling her movie stardom. Things get progressively worse as he tries to get out out of this strange relationship. The director of this movie has won many an Oscar. This hit also won some gold.
This award winning actor played in many a block buster movie in his career. You'll also never forget the ILL episode he was in-


ŞtคrŞhip - We Built This City---

Lawrence of Arabia title theme (live) - The BBC Concert Orchestra (dir. John Wilson)--

𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝘼𝙧𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙚𝙨 - 𝙎𝙪𝙜𝙖𝙧, 𝙎𝙪𝙜𝙖𝙧 (Old Movie Stars Dance)--

Winter 1966-67: A Day in the Life of a 12-Year-Old (film projectors, Monkees, Batman, penny candy)--


໓rค¢นlค (9/10) Movie CLIP - Dracula and Van Helsing (1931)---
Do not forget tomorrows Double Feature -Psycho and The Pit and the Pendulum

Bonus Movies-

Lonely Are The Brave (1962) 1 hr 47 min-
David Miller
Kirk Douglas--Gena Rowlands---Walter Matthau---
Michael Kane---Carroll O'Connor---George Kennedy-

Night Of The Living Dead (1968)-1hr 36 min
Movie that started it all
George A. Romero
Duane Jones---Judith O'Dea---Karl Hardman-
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texasluva KJExpress 20 months ago
Don't make me come there 🤔🤷‍♂️
texasluva Moody 20 months ago
Hey Moody! It was so glad to hear from you. So you are stateside for just a bit then returning and coming back again soon? Below I will give you the movie Quiz location for checking out later. I posted most of the movies in the past few months in hope you would find them. This is something you could do if wished. Line up the ones you wish to see and download them for future viewing. Also if interested just name a movie and I may have it and just give it to you. Though downloading you may need some extra space to keep it. You can then just keep a file of the address where the movie is shown. Click on it and it will play. Though I am not sure you are able yet in Italy to view IA. Either way and when you come back you will have all the quizzes again to guess and later watch.

I won't harp on it but just a tad. Sorry the Yanks could not make it to WS. Though a few more pieces they might do so. Get rid of that German guy and also Chapman who did not even show up for meetings and they dropped him from the playoff roster. Yankees play a lot of money to their players and least one can do is show up, pay attention and help the team.

Below is tonight's location of the movie quiz. If you missed some of them I will attempt to get those movies to you via MeTV. The past couple of months I have found not only classic ones but many of the new movies like Scream 2022 (all the scream movies) Halloween Ends (all of them). Most all the super heroes (maybe your children or grand ones would want them). The whole Die Hard Series. Kill Bill 1 and 2. Guardians of the Galaxy and number 2. I usually don't do a quiz with newer movies but give them out as bonuses along the way. Also do Saturday and Sunday Specials which can be most anything.

Take care and say hello to wife. See you soon.
Astros on verge of WS title 🙂
texasluva Moody 20 months ago
Oh Movie location is- MQ tonight @ How many sequels did these classic horror movie series have?
texasluva Moody 20 months ago
Saturday Movies for Quizzers

1408 (2007) 1 hr 52 min- Fantasy--Mystery--??
Mikael Håfström
John Cusack---Samuel L. Jackson---Mary McCormack--
A man who specialises in debunking paranormal occurrences checks into the fabled room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel.

Breakdown (1997) 1 hr 33 min- Crime--Drama--Mystery-
Jonathan Mostow
Kurt Russell---J.T. Walsh---Kathleen Quinlan--
A man searches for his missing wife after his car breaks down in the middle of the desert.
AllisonWunderland 21 months ago
We’re h-e-r-e 👻
Hi there! Checking in. Will be back in 2 and a half. 👋🤓
I'm scared 😲
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