Can you tell these classic TV Westerns apart?

Do you know your hat from your saddle?

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Boots, spurs, a six-shooter, and some horses. The trappings of the TV Western are well-worn, and the genre dominated screens for decades.

But how well do you know your cowboys? Find out here!

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  1. What show is this guy in?
  2. What show is this horse-drawn carriage from?
  3. Santa's not in the North Pole but the wild, wild West on which of these shows?
  4. These guys hangin' out around the campfire... Where are they from?
  5. This little lad is leaping down the steps into what series?
  6. On which television program will you find this guy knocking into his horse?
  7. What show featured this exterior shot?
  8. Which TV Western included this scene featuring a fortune teller?

Can you tell these classic TV Westerns apart?

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