How well do you know The Ponderosa map from Bonanza?

Can you piece together The Ponderosa?

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The Ponderosa map is just one part of the memorable opening credits to the all-time great Western series, Bonanza

The map appeared in all 431 episodes of the series, but it doesn't stay on the screen for too long. How well can you remember The Ponderosa map, given just a few clues, close up images, or without seeing it at all? 

Try to answer these questions about the map, and put your score in the comments section. Don't forget to share this quiz with another Western fan! 

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  1. What description of The Ponderosa goes below the word "MAP"?
  2. Here is a blurred-out image of The Ponderosa map, with the exception of this small illustration. Using just the location context, what city is directly above the part of the map that ISN'T blurred-out?
  3. These drawings on the map are directly above what city name?
  4. What lake is directly below The Ponderosa?
  5. What is located directly below this horse and buggy on the map?
  6. If you start at the center of the compass and follow it directly West, what city would you run into first?
  7. Can you tell what city goes with this location on the map?
  8. In what corner of the map is this portion from?
  9. Can you tell what city this horse and buggy will hit if they keep moving?
  10. True or False: There are no drawings of trees in the Ponderosa Ranch portion of the map (blurred out in this image).

How well do you know The Ponderosa map from Bonanza?

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