Me Medals 2016: Ranking TV's top cars, homes, cartoons and more

We ranked our top three favorites. Now you vote on who should win.

Ginger or Mary Ann? Would you rather drive the Batmobile or the Black Beauty? Did Laverne and Shirley or Mary Tyler Moore live in the cooler apartment?

These are the great debates held around water coolers and on couches. In the good spirit of global competition, MeTV is happy to present Me Medals. We debated and selected the top three of all time in 10 select categories of television and pop culture. Who was the toughest TV cop? Which cowboy oozed the most cool? What is the great Saturday Morning Cartoon ever, and what cereal should one have chomped while watching it?

These are the questions we sought to answer. Check out the categories for the complete schedule of "events." Be sure to weigh in with your opinion in our polls and comment sections. Follow us on Twitter @MeTV for more exclusive polls.

Who will step on the podium and grab the Me Medals? Find out below.

The Most Enviable TV Automobiles


Which car was the coolest ride in TV history? Hint: It doesn't have a roof. READ MORE

Favorite Sitcom Children


It was a tough call between the Cleavers and Bradys. READ MORE

The Perfect TV Pets


We'd cuddle up with any of the pooches on this podium. READ MORE

TV's Greatest Cops


We had to go with the man in the trench coat. Just one more thing… You have the right to voice your opinion, too. READ MORE

The Most Enviable Television Homes


It's a close race between these humble abodes. Find out which one tops our list, and make sure to take our poll, too. READ MORE

The Top 3 Castaways on Gilligan's Island


Everyone has a favorite castaway! Here are ours. READ MORE

The Greatest Saturday Morning Cartoons of All Time


Will Super Friends or The Jetsons come out on top? Or will some meddling kids run away with it all? READ MORE

The Greatest 1970s One-Hit Wonder


Try not to kung fu fight over these afternoon pop delights. READ MORE

The Best Breakfast Cereals of all time


Hint: It's not Raisin Bran. READ MORE

The coolest TV cowboys


We went with Lucas, Matt and Rowdy. Now you pick, pardner. READ MORE

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