Build your Thanksgiving plate and we'll tell you who you are most like on The Flintstones

Indulge in your Thanksgiving favorites and see who would do the same in Bedrock!


Everyone has a specific way that they like to do Thanksgiving. Whether you're in charge of the casserole, you provide the entertainment, or you simply stay out of the path of others working on dinner, everyone plays a certain role in the tradition of the holiday. 

The same applies to a holiday at the Flintstone household.

But who do you think you're most like in their group? Get ready for your turkey dinner and find out exactly who you would be on The Flintstones!

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  1. Choose an autumnal beverage to sip during the day!
  2. Thanksgiving is a lot of fun, but everyone needs to lend a helping hand to make it happen. What is your assigned task for the day?
  3. Choose an appetizer to snack on.
  4. Time for dinner! What part of the turkey are you going for?
  5. Pick a starchy side dish for your plate.
  6. Pick something green to go with your meal.
  7. Which sauce goes over the whole plate?
  8. It's time to pick an activity for everyone to enjoy! What's your vote?
  9. Time for dessert! Which pie do you reach for?
  10. It's the middle of the night and you're looking for one more taste of that meal. Which midnight snack do you sneak?

Build your Thanksgiving plate and we'll tell you who you are most like on The Flintstones

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Catman 54 months ago
OK, so I'm not having meat, I'm snacking on nuts, I'm having brussels sprouts, and I'm cooking. How did I get "Fred" out of that? It must have been the nap.
eyegor 55 months ago
Fred Flintstone. There's no such thing as enough turkey and stuffing here.
Kittyfogers63 56 months ago
I’m Wilma!! Strong take control woman!!
MissTheOldDays 56 months ago
You are Wilma Flintstone
You're like Wilma! You're the head chef and you love indulging in some of those treats that you don't normally get. What's most important to you is getting everyone together to celebrate friendship and family.

That is exactly who I was this past Thanksgiving and Every Thanksgiving(and Christmas) since becoming an adult and hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Runeshaper 56 months ago
You are Barney Rubble
You're like Barney! You definitely have a few food-highlights in your day, but you are excited to spend the day with your friends and family. You tend to do as you are told and try to get in anyone's path, but want to be helpful all the same. The most important part of the day is having a few good laughs.

Corey 56 months ago
I knew I was going to be Fred.
IsisLaShawnHardy 56 months ago
I got Wilma...I knew I would get Wilma.
And I could tell by the list of items in a couple of the questions who probably was behind these questions.
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