Can you complete these Andy Griffith Show episode titles with the correct names?

Wait… who had the hobo friend?

You sure can find a bunch of quirky, unforgettable characters wandering about the tranquil streets of Mayberry. Heck, at some point, they all got the spotlight on The Andy Griffith Show.

Below, we erased one character for memorable episode titles. See if you can plug in the correct person. If you get stuck, try to remember what happens in these stories. Good luck, friend!

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  1. "_______ and the Governor"
  2. "_______ and the Choir"
  3. "Cyrano _______"
  4. "_______ the Marriage Counselor"
  5. "_______ the Birdman"
  6. "_______ Saves a Female"
  7. "_______'s Hobo Friend"
  8. "_______, the Gay Deceiver"
  9. "_______ Joins the Army"
  10. "_______ Declares for Aunt Bee"
  11. "Barney and _______, Phfftt"
  12. "_______ Sues the County"
  13. "_______ Takes a Car Apart"
  14. "_______, the Comedian"

Can you complete these Andy Griffith Show episode titles with the correct names?

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Joseph 11 months ago
11/14. Some are easy if you remember the episode. Others not so much, since episode titles were never shown.
ETristanBooth Joseph 11 months ago
Alas, these kinds of quizzes are easier for those of us who purchase all the books and DVDs that contain the titles.
MrBill 11 months ago
14/14; easy one for me - breezed right thru it.
JeffTanner 11 months ago
''You got 10 out of 14'' ---------------Keeping all these citizens straight can really do a number on a deputy! Better luck next time.
Zoshchenko 11 months ago
I don't remember episodes of TV shows having titles! Of course they appear in all the TV listings now. One show that did show the title was the original Hawaii Five-0. But other than that I don't recall many shows that had titles for each episode.
JeffTanner Zoshchenko 11 months ago
Well, the original and new MacGyver have titles for each episode on screen.
JohnBurden 11 months ago

You got 14 out of 14
Shucks, maybe you should be deputized! Treat yourself to a float at Walker's.
cperrynaples 11 months ago
12/14! Missed 3 and 9! [7] Buddy Ebsen's the title character! [8] That title raises a lot of questions about Floyd, doesn't it? [14] Strange that this is the only color episode!
Did you pick Gomer for #9? "Fer shame," if you did.
Maybe there's only one color episode question, because a number of TAGS fans don't like the color episodes as much as the b&w. They wanted to make them happy by not having as many. I don't know the reason, I'm just supposin' is all.
Yep, I confused the Army with the Marines! And I believe there are a number of good color episodes!!
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