Is this the name of an Andy Griffith Show character or a Sixties country singer?

Would you find this person at Floyd's or the Grand Ole Opry?

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The Andy Griffith Show was filled with good music. Andy himself sang along with The Country Boys. Bluegrass superstars The Dillards appeared on the series as The Darlings. Of course, you probably whistled along to "The Fishin' Hole" every episode.

Meanwhile, as that iconic sitcom was airing, country music was going through a revolution. "The Nashville Sound," "The Bakersfield Sound" and "Outlaw Country" all came into their own as genres in the Sixties.

We've gathered some Mayberry folks and some popular country singers of the 1960s. See if you can sort 'em!

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  1. Floyd Lawson
  2. Ray Price
  3. Otis Campbell
  4. Thelma Lou
  5. Charley Pride
  6. Ben Weaver
  7. Warren Ferguson
  8. Ferlin Husky
  9. Myrna Lorrie
  10. Flora Malherbe
  11. Melba Montgomery
  12. Peggy McMillan
  13. Johnny Paul Jason
  14. Mickey Newbury
  15. Martha Clark
  16. Roy Drusky
  17. Trey Bowden

Is this the name of an Andy Griffith Show character or a Sixties country singer?

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CrumblyCrunchies 1 month ago
Flora Malherbe. Really? Does anyone get that one right?
braycy 3 months ago
I don't know country singers but I know Andy Griffin!
ellswt 4 months ago
17/17 benefits of a misspent youth
Sweendog 6 months ago
Only time I get perfect scores!
Guinness 9 months ago
16/17 missed #15 Martha Clark ? I wasn't thinking in color.
MikefromJersey 9 months ago
"You got 17 out of 17. As Andy would say, you did "G-o-o-o-o-o-d!"
Wow, that score would even put a smile on Miss Grump's, er, Crump's face.
ASperos 9 months ago
17/17!!! Yay!!! I love Mayberry!!!
Muleskinner 9 months ago
17/17. A quiz I really knew something about!
RobertK 9 months ago
15 of 17. I missed the only two questions I had to guess. Next time I guess a quiz answer, I'm going to change my answer right before I check the box!
Zip 10 months ago
Easy but fun quiz!
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