Can you pass the Andy Griffith Show ''Pickle Story'' trivia challenge?

See if you can down these questions without choking!

Some folks declare it just about the finest episode of The Andy Griffith Show there is! Shucks, it sure is funny!

Aunt Bee shows her one major culinary failing in "The Pickle Story." She may whip up a delicious batch of chicken, but she can't pickle a cucumber to save her life. 

Barney, Andy and Opie don't have the heart to tell her. Aunt Bee wants to enter a canned-goods contest. High jinks ensue.

In The Andy Griffith Show Silver Anniversary Special in 1985, Don Knotts himself selected this as his favorite episode from the series. Hard to argue with that!

Let's see how well you remember it! It takes a Mayberry expert to get 10/14!

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  1. What is Clara's last name — in this particular episode?
  2. Clara has won the blue ribbon for her pickles how many years in a row?
  3. Which spice is Clara's secret new ingredient this year?
  4. After tasting Aunt Bee's pickles, Clara recommends she add an "extra sprig or two of" which herb?
  5. Andy and Barney are singing which song when we first see them at work?
  6. Aunt Bee has made how many quarts of pickles?
  7. Aunt Bee's pickles kill what kind of critter in the jail?
  8. What is Barney's excuse to Bee for carrying a suitcase?
  9. Barney gives jars of pickles away to motorists he stops. This driver is from which state?
  10. Barney describes Aunt Bee's pickles as "________ cucumbers." Which liquid is it?
  11. Barney has scattered Aunt Bee's pickles from "Oregon to ______ ______."
  12. At the county fair, Aunt Bee's pickles are in which jar in the contest?
  13. Who wins the first prize ribbon in the pickle contest?
  14. At the end of the episode, Barney and Andy believe they are smelling ammonia, paint thinner or modeling glue at the breakfast table. Turns out, it is only that Aunt Bee is now making which canned good?

Can you pass the Andy Griffith Show ''Pickle Story'' trivia challenge?

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Craigg 1 month ago
You got 13 out of 14
Winner! You take home the blue ribbon in Mayberry trivia!
dekane54 3 months ago
I'm seeing that episode of dozen times if I've seen it once! Interesting quiz though.
Snowgirl1343 4 months ago
6/14, even though I had watched that episode at least three or four times. :(
RedSamRackham 4 months ago
* Didn't Bee ever taste her own pickles? ♣
No she did not, she ate one of the store bought pickles that Andy and Barney had swapped out.
Peanut712 6 months ago
HER NAME IS CLARA EDWARDS! You people marked it wrong and you are wrong. Plus, Aunt Bea made pickles twice. I hope you are counting the second batch.
WonderGeorge Peanut712 6 months ago
On the contrary - early in the series run, she is known as Clara Edwards Johnson; as the series continued, she would revert back to her maiden name, Clara Edwards.
horseflyrg7 6 months ago
Okay. I have an issue with the question about Clara's extra spice, it was not saffron!!! Anyway, idk who makes these up but they obviously don't get it.
driggi 6 months ago
one show I could watch over and over-the black and whites of course.
RoberttheWallace 6 months ago
By the by: her name is Clara Edwards, NOT Clara Johnson!
RoberttheWallace 6 months ago
Aced it! Most Definitely one of my Absolute favourite episodes! ! !
Tennis 7 months ago
Anybody who gets a perfect score on this quiz has been watching entirely too many Andy Griffin episodes. 😀
JHP 7 months ago
13-14 Oh happy days! (Channeling Carl Reiner)
see4bs 7 months ago
14 correct. 😊
Funny thing, in a previous quiz, ladies of Mayberry, they asked who won the pickle contest. They listed the answer as Clara EDWARDS.
Snowgirl1343 see4bs 4 months ago
And their right, she did win the pickle contest again. In the beginning of the episode she said that she had won 11 times in a row, so at the end of the episode she won again giving her 12 wins in a row.
dekane54 7 months ago
I must have gotten pickled before I took the quiz! It's a shame considering how many times I've seen that episode!
Snowgirl1343 dekane54 4 months ago
Same here.
MayberryAfterMidnight 7 months ago
14 out of 14
It says I take home the Blue Rubin in trivia. As a Superfan of the show, I of course I know them all.
CaptainDunsel 8 months ago
Looks like I came up with nothing but brine.
Mavywavy 8 months ago
14/14 this is in my top 5 episode list so it was an easy one.
DJS3 8 months ago
I didn't even try to guess this quiz.
I don't remember ever seeing the episode.
And to think I can make kimchi.
Maybe I'll catch it playing some day.
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