Do you remember the original 'Supermarket Sweep'?

People were raiding grocery shelves on game shows long before the 1990s.

Back in the day, the only time you wanted to rack up a fortune while grocery shopping is if you went on Supermarket Sweep. Most of us are familiar with the concept: Three teams answer questions and then sprint around a supermarket to gather the most expensive groceries.

It was one of the most fun game shows to watch in the 1990s, but did you know there was a version that ran on network television from 1965 to 1967? The updated version followed the same concept as the original, but it had a few key differences.

Described as "the TV game show that travels to your hometown and lets you run wild through your supermarket," Supermarket Sweep visited various Food Fair stores in the New York City area. Bill Malone hosted the program, with Wally King (later Richard Hayes) as the announcer.

At the beginning of each show, three couples were introduced to the audience. After that, the women went on to answer questions about the price of certain objects. Each right answer gave them 15 extra seconds, and they got to keep the item too.

Once that round was over, the men would run around the store to pick up as many items as they could, including bonus items worth a whopping $10-$100. At the end, the team with the highest grocery bill would get to return for the next episode, as well as keep the groceries they had ransacked. 

Like many game shows of the era, there isn't much left today. But we dug around and found this video from an episode in 1967, when laundry soap cost 47 cents and four pounds of beef shin meat cost $2.20.

Supermarket Sweep 1967 - Part 1

This true rarity has only recently been discovered: an ABC copy of the Bill Malone version of Supermarket Sweep! 
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