Watch: New Lost in Space reboot trailer completely updates the Robot

Those creepy alien fingers look nothing like the Robot's friendly red clamps.


We're always curious any time there's a reboot of a classic show, for better or for worse. The reboot of Lost in Space still has us scratching our heads, trying to figure out how true to the source material Netflix's new series will be when it premieres next month. The most recent trailer offers the biggest clues yet, and as you likely suspected, it's definitely a little different. Watch the trailer below.

The most glaring update, of course, is the Robot. Where the original Robot was absolutely the way to go in the 1960s, technology has undeniably vastly advanced since then, so it makes sense for the Robot to have the sort of limber appearance of typical modern sci-fi fare. Even Star Wars slimmed down its tech for a more sleek visual, and those films began just a decade after audiences were in the thick of Lost in Space. But it is certainly jarring all the same to see the glowing eyeball aimed at the new Will Robinson in the trailer, with alien fingers that look nothing like the Robot's friendly red clamps.

One thing that trailer hints at is some of the colorful space settings we loved on Lost in Space, flashing a few scenes brightened up by those purples, greens and oranges we remember so vividly from the original series. Overall, the tone of the trailer suggests the reboot will skew more serious drama than the campy series we loved first, influenced as heavily by audiences' appreciation for light-hearted adventure shows like Batman then as Netflix is likely influenced by serious space dramas like Arrival or Interstellar now.

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