10 things we want to see in the new 'Lost in Space' series

A remake of Irwin Allen's classic sci-fi show will hit Netflix in 2018.

Netflix announced last year that a new Lost in Space will premiere on the streaming service in 2018. The remake will arrive 53 years after the debut of the original classic. Writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (Dracula Untold) and showrunner Zack Estrin (Prison Break) will handle the creative duties.

This is the second time Hollywood has rebooted Lost in Space, as the upcoming show will mark the 20th anniversary of the last attempt, the 1998 big-screen adventure with William Hurt, Gary Oldman and Mimi Rogers.

Many of our beloved shows are being remade of late, from MacGyver to The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Here are some things we hope to see in the new Lost in Space. How about you?

1. Bright colors


Too many modern space sagas go for the bleak, industrial look. This is how Lost in Space introduced itself in color at the start of the second season, with June Lockhart watering plants in her summery jumpsuit. Yes, space is largely dark and empty, but there are beautiful splashes of gases and planets, too. 

2. Cute robots


The robot in the 1998 remake looked like a massive piece of Soviet military-industrial machinery. Wall-E and BB-8 have shown that adorable robots are far more successful, both narratively and on the store shelves. Lost in Space was ahead of the curve with cute robots. Speaking of lovable robots…

3. A beautiful B-9


Please make the new robot look — and sound — great.



These real-life machines served as props all over the original series (not to mention "acting" as the Batcomputers on Batman). The St. Louis company Burroughs made the boxy, blinking computers which can be seen throughout the Jupiter 2, as well as in mission control in the first episode.

5. A flying saucer


Space ships can be any shape or size. There are no aerodynamics in a vacuum. The 1998 remake had a bulbous, ovoid Jupiter 2 that at least paid homage to the original. Lets get back to the era of flying saucers and make the new ship round again.

6. No giant carrot costumes


It would be clever to see some kind of reference to the infamous episode "The Great Vegetable Rebellion," but let's come up with more intimidating aliens.

7. A sinister Dr. Smith


When the colors arrived in the original series, so too did a lighter tone. In the first season, Dr. Smith is a villain, a scheming baddie who commands B-9 to "eliminate all unnecessary personnel." In the last two seasons, he became more of a hapless cartoon pest, but also a buddy to Will Robinson. Though we don't want a dark and moody series, it would be nice to have a true saboteur. 

8. An episode in black & white


Yes, we've been stressing the importance of bright, optimistic colors for this vision of the future, but it would be cool to see a nod to the stellar space-noir of the first season. Just one episode in black & white, please.

9. Bill Mumy


He has to make a cameo, right?

Image: prweb

10. John Williams music


Okay, this is something we want to hear. Whether it be the jaunty original or a new piece by the soundtrack master, let's get Williams involved to pay homage to his brilliant television work. At the very least, use an orchestra, not the industrial clanks and grind of modern synth scores.

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