The Brady Bunch house is for sale, and it could end up being torn down

Until now, the house has stayed in one family for nearly than 50 years.

The Brady Bunch house has not been on the real estate market for almost 50 years, but it's just been put up for sale, and, unfortunately, that could result in its demolition.

According to, the house, located at 11222 Dilling St. in Studio City, California, has an asking price of more than $1.8 million, and the sellers are really hoping they find a buyer who will pay that price and keep the house standing. However, the current buyers seem to be more interested in the lot than the historic house that sits upon it, where we all watched the Brady kids come together under one roof.

So there's a real possibility the house could be torn down if the deal is made with anyone who's not a big fan of The Brady Bunch. (Maybe someone make sure every interested buyer knows Mannix was filmed there too, just in case they're more into action than sitcom?) Here's hoping one of you fans has an extra couple million lying around!

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