Do you know which street The Brady Bunch lived on?

Try to find your way to the iconic TV family home!

Much has been said about the iconic family home where The Brady Bunch lived since HGTV decided to recreate the house, wood-paneling, wall hangings and all. (See inside the renovation here.)

Much less had been said about the street where the family lived, a factoid from the show that only the biggest fans likely know due to a very sentimental reason.

In the book on The Brady Bunch that creator Sherwood Schwartz co-wrote with his son Lloyd (who was also a producer on the show), the younger Schwartz recalled, "I suggested [the street name] to Dad since it was the name of the street where his parents lived for many years." You see, everything about The Brady Bunch was a whole family affair, from production to conception. 

Today, we thought it would be fun to make a game out of guessing The Brady Bunch street name, mixing in the correct name with the names of the most commonly found roads in the United States.

If you don't know where The Brady Bunch lived, now's your chance to be welcomed to the neighborhood! Good luck!
  1. Pick the street where you think you'd find The Brady Bunch family home:

Do you know which street The Brady Bunch lived on?

Your Result...

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Douglas 5 months ago
got it right on my first try!
BillTrepkowski 12 months ago
4222 Clinton Way, to be exact. And their phone number was also mentioned before--first in the "George Glass" episode, and the last time in the Joe Namath episode. With the Namath episode being the more recent, the Bradys' phone number would be 555-6161, apparently changed from 762-0799.
EllisClevenger 36 months ago
You found the right street!
First try. A guess, can you believe it?
I never watched this show.
It felt like a rip off of 'Yours, Mine, and Ours' starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda (1968).
STTOS 37 months ago
You found the right street! - You found The Brady Bunch in their iconic family home on Clinton Way, named after the street where series creator Sherwood Schwartz's parents made their home. Excellent navigating! Couldn't tell you the name of the street if you asked me but knew I would recognize it if I saw it.
bpacha77511 37 months ago
correct on 1st try.....very suprised lol
SheriHeffner 37 months ago
Got it right the first time. I remember Jan's locket with the address.
ETristanBooth SheriHeffner 37 months ago
Yes. The question implies that it was never mentioned on the show, but it was.
AndrewHass 37 months ago
I got it right on my first pick
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