Star Trek comes to Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night beginning in February

Boldly go… to the greatest sci-fi show of all time.

In his continuing missions, Captain Kirk promised to boldly go where no one has gone before. But there's something to be said for returning to your favorites over and over again. Quite simply, there is nothing quite like Star Trek: The Original Series, with its vibrant colors,  philosophical musings and, well, Spock. Spock is awesome.

On February 2, jump about the Enterprise from the first broadcast episode, "The Man Trap," as Star Trek joined MeTV's Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night lineup at 12AM | 11C.

Kirk and crew join their fellow interstellar adventures from Lost in Space (10PM | 9C) and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (11PM | 10C) in the Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night schedule. Later, in our Red Eye Sci-Fi block, Irwin Allen's The Time Tunnel sends stars James Darren and Robert Colbert hurtling through history each week at 4AM | 3C.

Additionally, sci-fi fans will want to take note that both Night Gallery (5AM | 4C) and ALF (5:30AM | 4:30C) join the MeTV Weekday schedule beginning Monday, January 28.

Download MeTV's new schedule:

Eastern / Pacific

Central / Mountain

Watch Star Trek on MeTV!

Saturdays at 10 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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JanChilton 66 months ago
Glad to see Star Trek back. How about The Next Generation too? I enjoy seeing Lost in Space again, and Battlestar Gallactica. Do not care for Flash Gordon (or whatever he's called) and that awful, awful ALF program. I have to turn the station to get away from that. Can't believe it ever lasted past a couple of episodes. PS - Keep the Fugitive and add a day to it, please.
JanChilton JanChilton 66 months ago
Just noticed you put ALF all over the schedule. I am going to have to start watching some other station in the wee hours. I cannot stand that show.
CjrStaats 66 months ago
Thanks For Bringing Star Trek Back, I Hope You Are Not Removing Battle Star Galactica To Make Room
For Star Trek, If You Need To Remove Anything it Should Be Lost In Space, That Show is Almost A Cartoon ..
AllisonWunderland 66 months ago
On another about those Patriots, aka TOM BRADY!
No thanks on the CHEATriots... have not watched since '94 and likely won't since my team is unlikely to be there again, at least while I am alive.
Dasnake 66 months ago
I respect the fact everybody has différent opinions, i love elvira and you have to understand sven to get his schtick, but name calling and especially misspelling his name is not proper, being as this is supposedly a family website it is not appreciated, by me or hopefully anyone else, just saying.
ZgirlMetV Dasnake 66 months ago
While I get the "schtick" of sven etc... its a little predictable, more so than what was done by some locals back in the day ie: Chilly Billy at then WIIC (now WPXI), and some others at WSAZ etc.... I get it.. its fine to a point....but sven seems to find that point and cross over , way over at least for me.. I really like the info on the actors which a lot of people probably don't know or get.. There are actors who have played iconic roles and thats all a set of people know... Carrol OConnor is probably only known to a lot of people for one role. He had tons of other roles before that... and had a better role after, in In the the Heat.... AitF is not one of my faves, it never was, and not for any of the reasons I am sure some probably are thinking... I just didn't and still don't care for it...

And as for the "family friendly" aka PC part of this, leave it at home. I am not interested in it, at all. While you may not like the view or the method, tone or words of the post, you are free to scroll on. I don't need any PC other than the PC's I use to post this.
AllisonWunderland 66 months ago
Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley!!! More, more, more
Rebekah 66 months ago
Do you think you can maybe put greatest American hero and fall guy or even airwolf on your network just asking I love your network 😍🤘❤📺
mimi2 66 months ago
bring back Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda
AllisonWunderland mimi2 66 months ago
Mary Tyler Moore is on FETV, I just watched it
I've never heard of it so had to look up FETV. It's a cable channel, but it sure looks like a mashup of OTA shows. Guess it's satellite companies answer to more programming.
Why pay for it silly rabbit when it's free OTA?
scoute42 66 months ago
So glad Star Trek is returning. I do like Battlestar Galatica but I'll take Star Trek over BG anytime.
PaulTakeo 66 months ago
I would love watching Star Trek but so many small parts here and there are cut out. Original length was about 50-51 minutes but since METV crams in so many ads you are actually watching about 45 minutes. Star Trek is also shown on Heroes & Icons cable network and they have less ads.
lkwbsg 66 months ago
Dammit, MeTV. I was disappointed when Star Trek was dropped from Sci-Fi Saturday Night (as well as a bit so for Batman - though my main takeaway in that case was it ending ONE WEEK from completing the series - !). But I am both saddened and maddened by the dropping of Battlestar Galactica in Star Trek's return. Watching the weekly airing of Battlestar on MeTV on Saturday night has completely become part of my routine - I hear the theme song in my head hours ahead of time in anticipation. I recognize that Buck Rodgers is too new to your line-up to be dumped already; but why not Kolchak?? Or the insipid Lost in Space? I thank you for the months of reconnecting me with a show from my youth that still holds up, but must send my bitter disappointment, and the admission that I will seek my Saturday night satisfaction from another source, about the show you've removed, compared to those you've allowed to remain.
AllisonWunderland lkwbsg 66 months ago
Sy-Fy, ??? Not real.....HAPPY DAYS!
AllisonWunderland lkwbsg 66 months ago
Lost in Space is one of the best TV shows, don't knock the good stuff!
lkwbsg lkwbsg 66 months ago
I do have to say, though, that Lost Planet of the Gods Part II was an excellent last episode to broadcast, both as a conclusion to the beginning of the series and an emotional high point
Sunflower lkwbsg 66 months ago
You can always buy Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Original Series from Amazon. Bluray, new $37.39 w free shipping
longbeachdarrell 66 months ago
When is Hawaii Five-0 coming back on the original one ??
blacknazard 66 months ago
Do whatever, make any changes...EXCEPT: Svengoolie must remain forever !! If Sven goes, I go. I live for Saturday nights and his show. If nostalgic tv is for those of us who lived it, then the horror host is sacrosanct. And Sven is the prince; check the last several Rondo awards. Sven must never end !
What is that about?
Mary 66 months ago
Sooo glad Star Trek is back! I would love to see Land of the giants and Time tunnel on earlier
AllisonWunderland Mary 66 months ago
Land of the Giants are on....I record it at night and am watching it right now
Sunflower Mary 66 months ago
Hook a digital converter box to your tv and use it like a dvr. You''ll also need an external hard drive to save your shows on. Watch tv on your schedule.
Quaffle 66 months ago
Why am I getting local programming instead of METV during the 9-10pm CST slot?
thedude1500 Quaffle 66 months ago
That's at the discretion of your local station.
DoubleNaughtSpy 66 months ago
"Quite simply, there is nothing quite like Star Trek: The Original Series, with its vibrant colors...."

Um, sorry, Trekkies.....but the incomparable "Batman" predated "Star Trek" by 8 months....
your point is?
I'm with BATMAN!
ZgirlMetV DoubleNaughtSpy 66 months ago
Firs, there is one, and ONLY ONE Star Trek, its not the "whatever" its Star Trek, period. Full Stop. It ran from 66-69, there are 79 or 80 episodes depending on how you want to deal with the original pilot.. which is my favorite, Would have loved to see it continue the series in that vein especially with the red head....But theres lots of other really prominent actors who show up, early, and some later in their careers... Another fave is the Teri Garr episode, and I would have love to have seen the spin off series with that, oh well.

And speaking of Batman, another fave is the Yvonne Craig episodes as a green Orion Girl... makes me madder than anything that they blow her up in the show, like some Bond girl.... URRGHH.. I've not forgiven Coppolla for killing his own daughter in Godfather III, and you can spare me the outrage, I like Sophia as an actor, GIII, so deal.

And as for Batman otherwise it to is BATMAN. Period. Full stop.... Its too is a great show.. it has lots of greats and up and comers in it, plus S3 has Yvonne Craig as Batgirl.....

Star Trek AND Batman are 2 of the true greats of TV.
DuanneWalton 66 months ago
Wish Star Trek would've replaced Lost in Space.
NO WAY! Sorry for your luck...LOST IN SPACE is the greatest!! Warning..danger
Christopher 66 months ago
Maybe air The Mod Squad and Room 222?
ZgirlMetV Christopher 66 months ago
Mod Squad, YES, the other pass... but I think Decades if you can still get it has that???
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