Here's what dieting looked like in the 1960s

What flavor of Sego would you rather drink, Cherry Brandy or English Toffee?

Noboby loves to diet. We understand. This is why we fondly reminisce about all the candy bars, ice cream, cookies and desserts of the past. We adore our sweets. Which is what leads to the diets.

American's health craze is nothing new. However, dieting used to look much different. Half a century ago, diet colas were hitting the market, while advertisers touted the slimming effects of their new cooking oils and canned fruits.

We were flipping through some old issues of Ladies Home Journal from the 1960s and took note of the many weight loss products on display. They are rather interesting. Let's take a look.

Who needs kale and priobiotic yogurt with delicious cans of Cherry Brandy flavored Sego? Pet Milk's meal replacement hit the market in 1961 and included flavors like English Toffee and Chocolate Coconut.

When not pitching its new flavors, Sego depicted a couple frolicking in the woods in a series of ads.

Tab hit shelves in 1963, and Coca-Cola went hard on the advertising. Note the paella. There was a serious Spanish craze at the time, too, as this issue was entirely devoted to the country's food and design.

Diet Pepsi replaced Patio in the middle of the decade as Pepsi's "dietetic" cola.

How many stars actually ate Hollywood Bread?

We're guessing this was pretty much pure caffeine in gum form.

From the people who brought you apple sauce, it's a "three course" meal in tiny cups.

Mazola suggested its complete daily diet of 1,500 calories. Why, yes, it did involve a good deal of margarine.

Wishbone salad dressing kept "your thighs lean." But probably not if you chugged it out of the bottle.

Grapefruit was the superfood of the era. It kept grandma going to 85!

You could get it in jars, too. As well as Ambrosia. Now that has us thinking about dessert again…

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