Tell us if you love or hate these pizza toppings and we'll tell you which ''Andy Griffith'' character you'd get along best with

This is the best-tasting quiz you'll ever take!

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The world population has two great loves: Pizza, and The Andy Griffith Show. In this quiz, you've got to get real and tell us how you feel about these pizza toppings, and some of them get pretty controversial! Based on your answers, we'll be giving you an Andy Griffith character that we think you'd get along with better than anyone else in Mayberry!

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  1. Spinach
  2. Black olives
  3. Mushrooms
  4. Pineapple
  5. Sausage
  6. Anchovies
  7. Red Peppers
  8. Pepperoni
  9. Onions
  10. Bacon

Tell us if you love or hate these pizza toppings and we'll tell you which ''Andy Griffith'' character you'd get along best with

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LynCarrigan 23 days ago
Who do I eat with? I am left out!!
Guinness 24 days ago
I'm eating with Andy. That's mmm good!
CaroleDiFiglia2024 25 days ago
I'd like to get crazy with Ernest T. Bass!!!
tanya7100 25 days ago
Barney and me and pizza makes three.
Runfanman262 25 days ago
Oh, man! Me and Aunt Bea hit it off! 😆
Guinness Runfanman262 24 days ago
Ooo lala 💘
RobertK 25 days ago
Aunt Bee! This is great! I'm not too sure about her pizza skills but I'd certainly be willing to roll the dice! I'd also save room for her apple pie! I'd stay away from her pickles however, the word on the streets is that they have a unique kerosene flavor to them... 🤔🍕🥒😬
JennylovesTV 26 days ago
This is the kind of quiz that I like to take more than once, choosing a different combination of toppings each time, just to see who I end up with. 🙃
WordsmithWorks 26 days ago
There are some toppings that I neither love or hate. They're just meh. Looks like I am dining with Miss Bee.
I feel the same way. For example, black olives are OK but I don't love them or hate them. I like spinach, but not on pizza and I wouldn't say I love it.
texasparrow55 26 days ago
I’m having pizza with Andy. I like pineapple but not on my pizza.
NorthFork 27 days ago
Andy... I only hate pineapple. Don't hate anchovies but don't want them. Does that make sense?
Adamtwelvia NorthFork 26 days ago
Yeah. I like spinich, but NOT on pizza!
Lilly777 27 days ago
Andy, thank goodness it's not Gomer or Goober.
JHP 27 days ago
thee only two things (common) on a pizza that I abhor are pineapple and BBQ sauce

I am eating with andy,,,why couldn't a share a PP with Peggy? And then this quiz had no MOEzzzilrela?
gockionni 28 days ago
LOL if I want bacon on my pizza, I’m eating with Andy. If I don’t want bacon, it’s Aunt Bee I’m dining with.
gockionni 27 days ago
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