A new 'Lost In Space' television series is being made

Fifty years after the original premiered, a reboot has been announced. We list a few things we'd like to see (and hear) in the new show.

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Danger, Will Robinson! Everyone's favorite robot is about to be rebooted. Again. It should better than the 1998 movie, which turned B-9 into a broad-shouldered, four-arm tank.

Lost in Space

  • 7/25 1:00AMThe Astral Traveler
    "Dr. Smith and Will become trapped in a cave during a cosmic storm. Will is accidently pulled through a cosmic time warp, and ends up on Earth, in Scottish castle. He meets a headless ghost called Hamish who was beheaded at the Castle. Hamish is trapped there due to the callous crimes he has committed. They rest of the family manage to get Will out, but Hamish follows him. They decide to re-create the time warp, and send Hamish home, and with him Dr. Smith, carrying star-charts and maps so that he may send a rescue mission to save the Robinsons. Upon re-entering the warp, Dr. Smith drops the charts, and Will runs after him to give them to him. They are both taken. When they reach the castle again, Dr. Smith and Will realize that they are not in their time. Also, Hamish becomes angry when he realizes that Dr. Smith is a liar, and has no intention of helping the Robinsons. As an act of revenge he sets out to destroy Dr. Smith. In the end, Will and Dr. Smith return to the planet, and Hamish is able to "cross-over" to heaven and finally rest."
  • 8/1 1:00AMThe Galaxy Gift
    "As they are rehearsing a play, Dr. Smith, Will, Penny and the Robot encounter a creature who appears to be suffocating. Dr. Smith refuses to help out of fear but Penny helps him. The alien puts himself in human form so that he may breathe the atmosphere. He says he is Mr. Arcon. Penny takes him back to the Jupiter II to rest. Later he gives Penny a gift which he says she must guard with her life. He tells her that as long as she wears the belt, she will be safe. He disappears, and it is not long before a group of aliens turn up, looking for the belt. They inflict immense cold on the planet as a way of trying to get the belt, but Penny refuses despite pleas from Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith makes a copy of the Belt and tries to give the fake to Aliens. They are angry, but still want his help. They promise to return him to Earth should he get the belt. Dr. Smith and Penny go through the Alien's machine, where they have created a world from the Dr. Smith's memory, which will trick them in to thinking is Earth. Penny gives up the belt, and in the meantime, Arcon returns to the spaceship looking for the belt. Realizing she is in trouble, Arcon goes to the place where Penny is and defeats the Aliens. He is angry she gave it up, and believes she did it selfishly. She protests and claims she did it because they threatened to hurt her family. Arcon takes this thought and leaves. "
  • 8/8 1:00AMCondemned of Space
    "The beginning of the third season finds the Robinsons having to quickly leave the planet they are on, which is a similar plot to the beginning of the second season. Once in space, the robot is swept overboard and has to be rescued. Then the Robinsons find a prison ship filled with cryogenically preserved prisoners. The prisoners have been interred past their normal sentences due to a malfunctioning timepiece on the prison ship. Professor Robinson repairs the timepiece and frees the prisoners. Robby the Robot makes another appearance, threatening Professor Robinson and Major West."
*available in most MeTV markets

Irwin Allen's classic family sci-fi adventure will be remade for Netflix, after a reported bidding war. The new series will be executive produced by a team of veterans including writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, director Neil Marshall (who steered arguably the most exciting, epic episodes of Game of Thrones) and producer Kevin Burns. For Burns, this is a passion project years in the making. The producer attempted a TV movie around the turn of the millennium, not to mention a reboot series a few years later that was filmed by Hong Kong director John Woo. Working with Allen's widow, Burns looks to revive the TV pioneer's projects from the 1960s.

Lost In Space recently celebrated its 50th birthday. There is no word on when the series will arrive on the streaming service. Perhaps around the time the new Star Trek sets off on its own streaming missions?

As we await further details, here are some things we'd like to see in the new series.

1) A cool robot that pays homage to the original

Designing a fresh B-9 is perhaps the greatest challenge for the new team. The look of the robot will immediately set the tone and either lure or turn off fans of the franchise. Sadly, Robert Kinoshita, the original designer and legend of onscreen robots, passed away last year. Finding the right balance between homage and modern will be crucial. 

2) A conflicted Dr. Smith

Originally, the Smith character was a saboteur. As Lost In Space turned to a more lighthearted and (literally) colorful tone in its second season, Smith became less of a threat. Considering the darker moods of modern television, we expect Dr. Smith to be painted as villainous again. We just hope that he's not an outright bad guy. (Assuming, of course, they have a Dr. Smith character. But they have to, right?)

3) Some nods to the outlandish aliens

Season two turned the adventure show into something more akin to a live-action Saturday morning cartoon. Growing up, we savored both styles. As mentioned above, we expect a more serious take on the story. However, that doesn't mean the creators can't mine some of the wilder ideas. There can be an intelligent twist on the space Vikings, space pirates, android duplicates, dragons, miniature robots and Morbus.

4) A John Williams theme.

Certainly, the composer will be busy with the slew of Star Wars movies on the horizon, but surely he can take some time to revisit one of his great early works?

What do you think? What would you like to see in a new Lost In Space?

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