7 reused props on television that will make you do a double take

One prop even has its own Wikipedia page.

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Television studios have been into recycling for decades. Let's take a look at some items that popped in numerous franchises.

Robby the Robot:

This is one prop that has achieved more success than some aspiring actors. "Robby the Robot" first appeared in the 1956 film Forbidden Planet, but it's had a hugely success TV career. Here it is in Columbo:

Lost in Space:

And The Twilight Zone:

Robby has also appeared in episodes of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., My Little Margie, The Thin Man, and The Addams Family. After being restored twice over the years, Robby remains in the private collection of a horror filmmaker. 

Reactor Mach II:

What do Bewitched, Star Trek, and Batman have in common? The Reactor Mach II. The custom-built car was used in all three shows. It first appeared in Bewitched as Darren's dream car. Next, it appeared a bit different in Batman as Catwoman Eartha Kitt's Catmobile.


Finally, the car ditched its costume to appear on Star Trek as "Jupiter 8":


Neosaurus Disguise:

Lost in Space's creator Irwin Allen liked to recycle props, but one of his most notable ones was reused by another iconic '60s TV show. The neosaurus disguise first appeared in Lost in Space:

But it was reused in the 1967 episode of Batman titled "How to Catch a Dinosaur":


Adam West's Batmobile in the 1966 TV series wasn't an original. In fact, it was repurposed from the 1959 film, It Started with a Kiss.


Spacesuit from Star Trek:

The spacesuits worn in the season three episode "The Tholian Web" were used again for another other-worldly series: Mork and Mindy. In one episode, Mindy's dad shows up wearing a variation of the costume.


UFO from The Twilight Zone:

Robby the Robot wasn't the only major prop used from Forbidden Planet. The Twilight Zone used the film's special effects flying saucer prop for the tiny UFO in the classic episode "The Invaders."

Bonus: The Incredible Hulk and Duel:

The Incredible Hulk didn't just borrow the truck from the 1971 TV movie Duel— it used an entire scene. In the season one episode "Never Give a Trucker an Even Break," parts of the chase scene are lifted directly from the Steven Spielberg film.


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VaughnBaskin 39 months ago
And don't forget Lost In Space's very own Robot B9 was remade as P.O.P.S. in Hanna-Barbera's sequel to Danger Island entitled Mystery Island in 1977.
Pauly_789 39 months ago
Robbie the robot and Forbidden Planet are all time favorites of mine. Duel was pretty cool movie too, always wondered who the crazy truck driver was....?
RobChapman 39 months ago
Robbie also appeared on The Banana Splits, Columbo, Mork & Mindy, Space Academy, Wonder Woman, The Love Boat and Gremlins and many more
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