5 must-see episodes on MeTV this week of January 30

Raymond Burr fights Godzilla and Lucy battles a conveyor belt.

Over the past week, we lost a trio of significant MeTV stars as Mary Tyler Moore, Mike Connors and Barbara Hale all passed away. Yesterday, we aired a special marathon of The Mary Tyler Moore Show in tribute to the TV titan, but you'll excuse us if we continue to highlight her genius. There's another classic episode of her sitcom on this week.

Elsewhere, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the work of Connors and Hale in their respective series, as well. Here are five highlights from this week's schedule.

Mannix "To Kill a Writer"
Wednesday 1 at 2AM | 1C

Leading man Mike Connors is not the only familiar MeTV face in this season-one thriller. Michael Strong and Ted Cassidy, who both appeared in the same Star Trek episode ("What Are Little Girls Made Of?"), turn up in this case, as does Paul Petersen, best known as Jeff Stone from The Donna Reed Show.

Perry Mason "The Case of the Ancient Romeo"
Friday 3 at 11:30PM | 10:30C

This case features some nice work by Barbara Hale, as her Della Street heads to the theater with Perry for a bit of Shakespeare. Naturally, there is a mystery to solve.

Svengoolie presents Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Saturday 4 at 10PM | 9C

Sven has some big creature features on tap in the coming weeks, as Godzilla stomps his way into Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night. This weekend, the horror host presents the American cut of the very first Godzilla flick, which used clever editing to insert Raymond Burr into the action. C'mon, it's Perry Mason versus a massive lizard!

I Love Lucy "Job Switching"
Sunday 5 at 4PM | 3C

Sometimes, life isn't like a box of chocolates — it's a speeding conveyor belt of chocolates! The season two premiere remains one of the funniest half-hours of television in history. Yes, this is the immortal chocolate episode, with that manic conveyor belt.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show "Ted Baxter's Famous Broadcasters' School"
Sunday 5 at 1AM | 12C

The loss of Mary still aches, as the best remedy is laughter. She and Ed Asner shine in this riotous scenerio, in which a swindler cons Ted into opening a broadcasting school in his honor.

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