Mike Connors of 'Mannix' dies at 91

The actor will be most remembered for his tough-guy television role.

Mike Connors, best known as the titular dressed-down private eye on television's Mannix, has died at the age of 91.

Born Krekor Ohanian, the actor eventually known as Mike Connors began his screen career as "Touch Connors." Billed as Touch, Connors appeared in the acclaimed 1953 John Wayne film Island in the Sky and alongside Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments.

After various television roles, the California native landed a lead role in the 1959-60 series Tightrope!, followed by his iconic title role as the tough investigator known as Mannix. The last series from Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's Desilu productions, Mannix aired for eight seasons, from 1967-75.

As Mannix, he drove cool cars and took a punch, becoming a prototypical action hero. Before his acting career, Connors played basketball under legendary coach John Wooden as UCLA.

According to various media outlets, Connors has sadly passed away at the age of 91, reportedly from leukemia.

Mannix can be seen on MeTV, weeknights at 2AM | 1C.

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Mimi1130 23 months ago
Mannix was a family favorite when I was a kid, we never missed it. And now I watch Mannix every night on MeTV. Love Mike Connors, may he rest in peace. ❤
sxyrxy1 30 months ago
I watch Mannix three times each night! Once on Mets and twice on another station I won't mention out of respect for Mets. I love it!!!❤❤❤
KellieRay 40 months ago
Love Mike Connors. Watch Mannix every day
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