Who said it: Col. Sherman T. Potter or Gen. Bartford Hamilton Steele?

It's safe to say there was plenty of crossover between these two. It'll take a M*A*S*H expert to differentiate these characters!

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Harry Morgan made his debut on M*A*S*H not as the beloved Col. Sherman T. Potter, but as Gen. Bartford Hamilton Steele. 

His one-time appearance as Gen. Steele came in the memorable season three episode "The General Flipped at Dawn," and he played an intense military man to a T. 

Of course, once Morgan joined the show as a regular, Col. Sherman T. Potter, the resemblance and tendencies between this new character and his one-time role as Gen. Steele were immediately noticeable. 

Naturally, each character, played by the same great actor, offered up some iconic lines. Can you tell which character said the lines below?

Was it Harry Morgan as Col. Potter, or Harry Morgan as Gen. Steele?

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  1. Who said, "62 years old and hit to play halfback at the point."
  2. Who said, "I've had this saddle since my cavalry days in the Great War. 15 years old, lied about my age. I had big thighs for a boy."
  3. Who said, "Another fellow said he was a daisy, insisted we water him every morning."
  4. Who said, "Trim the hair in your nose!"
  5. Who said, "Not now Marjorie, I'm inspecting the troops!"
  6. Who said, "That sun will rip the hide right off of ya."
  7. Who said, "I had a still in Guam in World War II, one night it blew up."
  8. Who said, "War and whiskey don't mix."
  9. Who said, "Can you do a methodist thing for me on Sunday?"
  10. Who said, "M*A*S*H means MOBILE Army Surgical Hospital. And mobile you shall be."

Who said it: Col. Sherman T. Potter or Gen. Bartford Hamilton Steele?

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