Can you fill in the missing lyrics to All in the Family's theme song?

You might find yourself singing the song as you complete the quiz.

All in the Family has one of those theme songs that gets stuck in your head the first moment you hear it. With the song playing at the beginning of every episode, it's hard to stop yourself from singing along. How well do you know the lyrics? Do you know them enough to pass this quiz?

Test your luck and find out!

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  1. Boy the way ______ played,
  2. Songs that made ______.
  3. _____ like us we had it made,
  4. Those were ______.
  5. And you knew who ______,
  6. Girls were girls and ______.
  7. ______ we could use a man,
  8. Like ______ again.
  9. Didn't need no ______,
  10. ______ pulled his weight.
  11. Gee, our old ______ ran great.
  12. ______ were the days.

Can you fill in the missing lyrics to All in the Family's theme song?

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Tanisha32 7 days ago
12/12 I know all things All in the Family.
DannyZ 8 days ago


I am not a Meathead after all
murgatroid45 9 days ago
It seems nobody could understand line 11 until they re-recorded it after several seasons. I thought it sounded like "we are all a sour red grape".
GeorgiaReadenour 9 days ago
11/12 I made Archie smile!! Love All in the Family
DZee 10 days ago
Who cares...the show stinks.
GioLovesMash DZee 9 days ago
ture - they coping 2 full hour's like full house

JERRY6 10 days ago
12 I made Starchy smile ? Can't believe I got them all right
JERRY6 JERRY6 3 days ago
not sure about question 11
JLTitus72 10 days ago
Who else sang Edith's parts the way Jean Stapleton did?
CdnRaider 10 days ago
12/12! 🥳
I remember watching "All In The Family" in the early/mid '70s when we were stationed overseas at Ramstein AFB on the one channel we got (AFN) - those were the pre-PC days, and my Dad would roar with laughter at everything Archie said, my Mum not so much and us kids would giggle into the couch cushions Now, flash forward 50 years... and without even taking the kinder, gentler, less racist, bigoted world we are now living in, I found myself cringing at the thought of what we used to think was funny! 😬 🤦‍♀️
wallyandbagfan 10 days ago
Those Were The Days by Mary Hopkins.
braycy 10 days ago
12/12 -I ain't no meathead!😁
htgaines 10 days ago
The ending credits song is just as memorable, but just an instrumental called "Remembering You". I'd love to know the lyrics for that song, to add to my pointless knowledge, as I already know the Gene Roddenberry Penned lyrics to the theme from Star Trek.
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Sbznpoe bradyguy 4 days ago

Bewitched, bewitched, you've got me in your spell.
Bewitched, bewitched, you know your craft so well.
Before I knew what I was doing, I looked in your eyes.
That brand of woo you've been brewin' took me by surprise.

You witch, you witch, one thing is for sure.
That stuff you pitch just hasn't got a cure.
My heart was under lock and key, but somehow it got unhitched.
I never thought that I could be had, but now I'm caught and I'm kinda glad to be Bewitched.
Sbznpoe bradyguy 4 days ago

Jeannie, fresh as a daisy.
Just love how she obeys me,
Does things that just amaze me so.

She smiles, Presto the rain goes.
She blinks, up come the rainbows.
Cars stop, even the train goes slow.

When she goes by she paints sunshine on every rafter,
Sprinkles the air with laughter,
We're close as a quarter after three.

There's no one like
Jeannie. I'll introduce her,
To you, but it's no use, sir,
Cause my Jeannie's in love with me.
Sbznpoe bradyguy 4 days ago

Heroes, heroes, husky men of war, sons of all the heroes of the war before.
We're all heroes up to our ear-o's you ask the question, we make suggestions, that's what we're heroes for.

What's a hero do? Well we're not gonna tell ya we wish we knew. That's why we heroes are so few.
We've got a slogan from Colonel Hogan and Colonel Hogan's a hero too.
Never flinch boys, never be afraid heroes are not born, boys, heroes all are made.
Ask not why boys, never say die boys, answer the call, remember we'll all be heroes for evermore.

All good heroes, love a good fight open up the bomb bays and brighten up the night.
We applaud the people who laud us, you pull the roses, we punch the noses, that's what we're heroes for.
Sbznpoe bradyguy 4 days ago

Hey! Here they come with a rum-tee tum they're having a toy parade.
A tin giraffe with a fife and drum is leading the kewpie parade.
A gingham cat in a soldier's hat is waving a Chinese fan,
A plastic clown in a wedding gown is dancing with Raggedy Ann.

Fee fie fiddle dee dee they're crossing the living room floor
Fee fie fiddle dee dee they're up to the dining room door.
They call a halt for a choc'late malt or cookies and lemonade
Then off they go with a ho ho ho right back to their toy brigade.
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