Can you fill in the missing lyrics to All in the Family's theme song?

You might find yourself singing the song as you complete the quiz.


All in the Family has one of those theme songs that gets stuck in your head the first moment you hear it. With the song playing at the beginning of every episode, it's hard to stop yourself from singing along. How well do you know the lyrics? Do you know them enough to pass this quiz?

Test your luck and find out!

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  1. Boy the way ______ played,
  2. Songs that made ______.
  3. _____ like us we had it made,
  4. Those were ______.
  5. And you knew who ______,
  6. Girls were girls and ______.
  7. ______ we could use a man,
  8. Like ______ again.
  9. Didn't need no ______,
  10. ______ pulled his weight.
  11. Gee, our old ______ ran great.
  12. ______ were the days.

Can you fill in the missing lyrics to All in the Family's theme song?

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Antenna2 9 months ago
12, even though I wasn't the show's biggest fan. My parents mostly liked the show, though at times my Mother really did not like Edith saying, "Here's your beer, Archie." My guess most women in the '70s did not like her doting that way, but that was Edith Bunker. I think that's what I couldn't swallow - the writers and producers made her out to be idiotic.
garyhallman 12 months ago
got em all , loved the show till mike & gloria had the kid
Mob39 13 months ago
You got 12 out of 12

Quick, save this score. You just made Archie smile! Good job!
WilliamJorns 13 months ago
Not only did I memorize the lyrics from watching the show every week back in the early 70's, but I also bought a stereo LP they released on Atlantic Records featuring highlights of dialogue from the show's first season! It even included the entire theme song, with additional lyrics not played during the show's title sequence. I still have that album today.
garytelecastor 15 months ago
Well it's official! When a person can recite the song for "All in the Family", they have filled their life with WAY too much television.
And I mean that only for me.
Don't worry, my friend. We're ALL guilty of watching way too much television. Even those of us who should know better!
epickett 15 months ago
12/12 - Funny, a couple of weeks ago my wife and I sang through the theme for giggles. I already knew all the lines. The only line SHE didn't know was the one about the LaSalle.
Blondie7 17 months ago
When I watched a few years ago I saw the destructiveness of Meatheads attitude did to this country. I always felt like most of the baby boomers, my generation, weren't for anything just against everything.
Dhuse1 17 months ago
My high school swing choir sang the song as part of our repertoire in the early 70’s.
Tanisha32 17 months ago
12/12 I know all things All in the Family.
DannyZ 17 months ago


I am not a Meathead after all
murgatroid45 17 months ago
It seems nobody could understand line 11 until they re-recorded it after several seasons. I thought it sounded like "we are all a sour red grape".
GeorgiaReadenour 17 months ago
11/12 I made Archie smile!! Love All in the Family
DZee 17 months ago
Who cares...the show stinks.
GioLovesMash DZee 17 months ago
ture - they coping 2 full hour's like full house

JERRY6 17 months ago
12 I made Starchy smile ? Can't believe I got them all right
JERRY6 JERRY6 17 months ago
not sure about question 11
JLTitus72 17 months ago
Who else sang Edith's parts the way Jean Stapleton did?
WilliamJorns JLTitus72 13 months ago
And the truth was, Jean Stapleton was really a very good singer! She deliberately sang off-key as part of Edith Bunker's character.
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