Is this Harry Morgan as Col. Sherman T. Potter or as Gen. Bartford Hamilton Steele?

Harry Morgan played Gen. Steele for one episode, but we still heard some Potterisms!


M*A*S*H just wouldn't be the same without Harry Morgan as Col. Sherman T. Potter. His famous Potterisms allowed him to call out somebody without dropping a swear

He gave many memorable performances as Col. Potter from the start of season four until the show's conclusion in season 11. Of course, as M*A*S*H fans know, he delivered an incredible performance in season three's episode "The General Flipped at Dawn," as visiting Gen. Steele.

Can you tell these authoritative roles from Harry Morgan apart from images alone? Use whatever clues you may find in these images and see if you can pass this quiz! 

Try not to end up with a score that leaves you saying, "beaver biscuits!"

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  1. Here is Morgan giving a salute as...
  2. This introduction to Radar is as...
  3. What character meets Klinger in this setting?
  4. Can you tell what character Morgan is playing here?
  5. What about here?
  6. Which character gets an unexpected back crack from Hawkeye here?
  7. In this image, Morgan swings around a support beam in one of the tents as...
  8. Which character shares a drink with Hawkeye?
  9. This blow up comes from the character...
  10. He gets into an altercation with Hawkeye here as...

Is this Harry Morgan as Col. Sherman T. Potter or as Gen. Bartford Hamilton Steele?

Your Result...

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Irish 6 months ago
10/10 on Harry Morgan! So funny as General Steele 😂
bnjfrederick 8 months ago
Steele that’s 3es not all in a row
JulieTV 16 months ago
10/10 I did well!! Love this episode with General Steele!
Adamtwelvia JulieTV 6 months ago
I love Harry Morgan!
Jon 16 months ago
10/10 - A lot of these were easy where he was wearing a hat. If he has 2 stars on it, he's Steele, a bird he's Potter.
BuckeyeBeth 16 months ago
10/10!! I really enjoy the crazy episode when Harry Morgan showed up as General Steele so that might have something to do with my perfect score.
Adamtwelvia BuckeyeBeth 6 months ago
It's one of my favorites. "When the sun goes down..:
Epsdel 16 months ago
10/10. They really should have obscured the rank insignia in a lot of these pictures.
a1k9 17 months ago
10/10 This is one of the easiest quiz’s that METV has.
Concrete64 17 months ago
10/10 EZ, I was in the Army. Just looked for his rank.
Todd 17 months ago
Most of the time I went by the helmet. But I missed the ones with no hat or helmet
harlino96 17 months ago
Pictures of General Steele display hus two stars; Col. Potter's full birds are likewise givaways to which character he's playing. Only a few don't show clues as to rank...
Andy harlino96 17 months ago
Plus Steele's helmet is a shiny pine green and Potter's is a matte olive drab, for extra help.
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