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Andy Griffith built a spaceship made of junk in 'Salvage 1,' a forgotten show of the 1970s

The former Mayberry sheriff took on aliens and icebergs in this adventure.

Do you remember the show 'Harry O'?

Former Fugitive David Janssen turned private eye alongside Farrah Fawcett.

Do you remember the show 'The San Pedro Beach Bums'?

Schwarzenegger, Regis and Charlie's Angels could not save this sitcom about five guys living on a houseboat.

Do you remember the 'Emergency!' cartoon?

Jack Webb's popular rescue show 'Emergency!' spawned a cartoon. Despite the monkey, it was fairly true to its source.

Do you remember: 'The Texas Wheelers'?

Do you remember Lucille Ball's 'Life with Lucy'?

Do you remember the show "Holmes & Yoyo"?

Do you remember the show "240-Robert"?