What were these acclaimed actors selling in '60s and '70s TV commercials?

Before they won awards, they were pitching products in ads.


The following actors are all household names. They've won Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmy Awards. 

But even acclaimed stars have to start somewhere. In Hollywood, that start is often television commercials. Of course, sometimes ads can be a great way to make money later in life, too.

We've gathered some commercials from the Sixties and Seventies featuring screen legends. You might remember them. Even if you don't, you've seen enough commercials to guess what is being sold. Good luck!

  1. It's Dick Van Dyke! What was he selling in this commercial?
  2. Here is Robert De Niro circa 1970 selling something called "Ambassador." What was that?
  3. Which brand of car is young Dustin Hoffman talking up here in the late Sixties?
  4. What is Arnold promoting here in the Seventies?
  5. It's the Duke! John Wayne was in this ad for "Great Western" in the Seventies. What is "Great Western"?
  6. Here is John Travolta in a 1973 recruiting ad for which branch of the military?
  7. Oh, it's Travolta again. What is he selling here?
  8. Huh, it's Travolta once again. In a shower again, no less. What is he selling here?
  9. Wow, he really did a lot of commercials. What is Travolta pitching here?
  10. Gee, Travolta sure had a good agent. What article of clothing is he selling here?
  11. Come on! What Seventies commercial was John Travolta NOT in? What is he selling here?

What were these acclaimed actors selling in '60s and '70s TV commercials?

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TVFF 53 months ago
Only 6/11. The only one I remember seeing is #1.
JeffTanner 56 months ago
I got 10 out of 11. ----------------I got #9 WRONG.
EricFuller 56 months ago
9/11. See. There are benefits of watching TV.
Edward 56 months ago
I'd like to meet DiZero and knock him out cold.
Joe Edward 56 months ago
Look what we have here… a gen-u-ine, Grade A, angry Trump-disciple!
CouchPotato19 Edward 56 months ago
De-Zero is just such a loud-mouth, angry buffoon. Always was and is even worse in his old age. He may be getting senile, as his odd behavior implies, these days.
DouglasMorris 56 months ago
8/11! missed numbers 4, 10, and 11.
MrsPhilHarris 56 months ago
UTZAAKE MrsPhilHarris 56 months ago
Same score. Foiled by 2, 4, 7 and 8.
5. The Forum in Inglewood had Great Western attached to its name during the 1990s.
Lantern UTZAAKE 56 months ago
As I recall, after John Wayne was finished doing these ads for Great Western, western stars Glenn Ford and then Dennis Weaver took over.
MichaelSkaggs Lantern 28 months ago
When Duke did the Great Western Bank commercials new deposits increased 400 percent! Didn't know Dennis Weaver took over for Glenn Ford.
anthony 56 months ago
4/12,but got 3/5/ on the non John Travolta ones.This quiz really should have been called "The John Travolta and a few other celebrities in commercials quiz"
cperrynaples anthony 56 months ago
Saw most of the Travolta ads! I believe that in 9 he was a kid who lost his father!
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