Can you name all these TV shows featuring Don Knotts?

Let me see that Don. That Don D-don Don Don.

 The Everett Collection
You love Don. We love Don. Everybody loves Don.

As Deputy Barney Fife, Don Knotts has made millions laugh. But Don Knotts was not done yet. He later played Mr. Roper, not to mention loads of other roles on TV.

Let's see if you can recognize him on series that aren't The Andy Griffith Show. Good luck!

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  1. Here is Don with his old pal Andy Griffith. Which program is this?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  2. Two legends together! Don and Lucy! Which show is this?
  3. Recognize his costar here?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  4. Don got all dolled up for this variety show.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  5. Don got animated to play a very Barney Fife–like character on this cartoon.
     Image: Warner Bros.
  6. Don made a surprise appearance as a special guest on 'Seein' Double', a silly sitcom-within-a-sitcom on this show.
  7. Don is having a romantic moment with Julie Newmar. Which show is this?
  8. Don donned a uniform for this sitcom in 1966.
  9. Here is Don with a sitcom dad. Which sitcom?

Can you name all these TV shows featuring Don Knotts?

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DoctorSavage 1 month ago
Loved his movies, especially Shakirst Gun in the West and The Apple Dumpling Gang movies with Tim Conway....those were 2 of the best modern slapstick comedians put together and turned loose
101DEGREEZZZ 1 month ago
I love Don Knotts but would have choked Barney for his ineptness and naivety and false confidence. Slap the bastard too. You can’t say you like a cop like fife, that’s what I’m saying.
edcrumpacker 1 month ago
8/9. Missed number 7, the one with Julie Newmar. Boy, whatta looker 😍
2016jessica 2 months ago
Don Knotts as guest star on any show would draw a larger audience. Most people like him
Dysall 2 months ago
9/9. #6 - #9 were complete guesses. The background helped me with the right guesses.
edcrumpacker 2 months ago
Number 8 tricked me. Looked like Phil Silvers at first. Should have looked more closely. "GOLLYYY"
nightshade edcrumpacker 1 month ago
yeah thats the one i missed
bsantaniello 2 months ago
9/9 😊 Don Knotts a favorite if mine.
CouchPotato987 2 months ago
I only missed 1!!! Darn that question number 8…I thought for sure that was the Phil Silvers Show. McHale’s Navy and the Phil Silver’s Show were both based on the Military, so the stills would look pretty similar. Great Quiz! Don Knotts is one of my favorite all-time tv comedians. 👍🏻
WVsassy 2 months ago
We in West Virginia are proud to claim Don Knotts as one of our own. He was a comedic genius. ❤️
Mrflash500 6 months ago
I got 9 out of 9. I actuality guessed on the last one.
theoIV 11 months ago
WOW!!! I do remember Don from high school 😎
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