What show is George Takei in?

He appeared in dozens of classics from iconic franchises to one-season wonders.

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George Takei will always be known as Sulu from Star Trek, but the TV legend played many other memorable roles both before and after the iconic franchise originally aired.

He began his career in the 1950s, winning roles on crime series and anthology shows. He soon appeared in sitcoms, spy programs and, of course, science fiction. 

Here 12 George Takei TV appearances from the Fifties through the Nineties. Can you guess which show he is on from these images alone?

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  1. Can you tell what show this is?
  2. Which later Star Trek series is this?
  3. Here is Takei with the cast of...
  4. What Eighties series is Takei in here?
  5. Before fencing on the Enterprise, Takei held a different sword in...
  6. Which Irwin Allen show is Takei in here?
  7. Here is Takei in...
  8. Takei appeared with David Janssen in which short-lived Seventies series?
  9. What show is this?
  10. Takei played a martial arts instructor in...
  11. Which sitcom is Takei in here?
  12. Takei rocked a pair of Seventies glasses in...

What show is George Takei in?

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