Do you recognize all these hippies on Sixties TV?

Can you dig these famous and far out groovy guys and gals?

This is the happenin’ spot, can you dig it? We’ve got the hippest looks, the grooviest music and mellowest mellow with the best fellows and fellowettes. 

You may know these ten with-it actors and musicians, but can you recognize them in these totally boss threads and hip hairdos?

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  1. Who is in this groovy getup?
  2. Do you recognize this aging hippie?
  3. This band played a hippie club in Mannix.
  4. This hippie met Gomer Pyle.
  5. He was a hippie in Dragnet but played a cop in a different show.
  6. They visited Gilligan's Island as The Mosquitoes but in real life this band was...
  7. Who is this rebellious youngster in the middle?
  8. He played a traveling Greenwich Village poet in Petticoat Junction.
  9. He hadn't given up the hippie lifestyle on The Love Boat.
  10. They played a hippie party in The Beverly Hillbillies but this band also recorded the theme song to another show.

Do you recognize all these hippies on Sixties TV?

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vinman63 25 days ago
The hippies jumped the shark when Greg Brady became one.
Douglas 29 days ago
7/10! missed numbers 3,5, and 8.
Kergooliewyn 29 days ago
6/10 Ok, so I wasn't a real Hippie. 😊
LisaMiller 1 month ago
10/10! Been a long time since I got that. Several of them were lucky guesses by process of elimination.
Tresix 1 month ago
8/10, missed both questions with real bands. Incidentally, that scene of Astin as a hippie is from the 1971 “Night Gallery” episode “Hell’s Bells”.
Toot1956 1 month ago
9/10 Guest on most, never ever seen or heard of the musical groups.
RenDrakeHill 1 month ago
All correct. However, no mention of Larry Storch who played the Groovy Guru on episode of Get Smart, also in the 60’s.
MrBill 1 month ago
8/10; missed #3 (I am not that familiar with Buffalo Springfield and did not recognize them) and #5 (I did not recognize Gary Crosby).
Tresix MrBill 1 month ago
Buffalo Springfield’s big hit was “For What It’s Worth”. It’s one of the few songs in which the title isn’t mentioned in the song. It’s classic refrain: “It’s time we stopped, hey, hey. What’s that sound? Everybody look what’s goin’ round.” It’s usually played in movies set in the late Sixties.
Beatseeker Tresix 26 days ago
everybody look what's going DOWN...
Tresix Beatseeker 23 days ago
I was always confused as to whether it was “round” or”down”.
Michael Tresix 23 days ago
It's "down"
Tresix Michael 21 days ago
Beatseeker just clarified that. Thank you.
Alanlandry 1 month ago
I only missed one. The last question.
TSeym22 1 month ago
7/10 Missed all three band questions. Never paid much attention to what band members looked like.
Michael 1 month ago
I just realized they missed one bunch of hippies. star Trek's "The Way to Eden" . Space hippies.
Anjil 1 month ago
7 out of 10, not bad for someone born in late '69.
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