Are these ''Earth'' titles from classic TV episodes or Eighties songs?

Do you know “Heaven is a Place on Earth” from “Between Heaven and Earth”?


Image: Columbia Records

What do Sixties sci-fi shows and Eighties musical artists have in common? They all reference planet Earth quite a bit. Space explorers like the Robinson family or the Enterprise crew have run-ins with their home planet while everyone from Belinda Carlisle to Herbie Hancock released songs with “Earth” in the title during the 1980s. 

Here are classic TV episodes mixed with Eighties earworms. Can you tell the difference between these “Earth” names?

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  1. Heaven is a Place on Earth
  2. Assignment: Earth
  3. Earth Beat
  4. Hello Earth
  5. A Place Called Earth
  6. This Earth That You Walk Upon
  7. Rocket to Earth
  8. Greetings from Earth
  9. This Island Earth
  10. Between Heaven and Earth
  11. Last Days on Earth

Are these ''Earth'' titles from classic TV episodes or Eighties songs?

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L 25 months ago
I would say any song by Earth Wind and Fire.

What about Ziggy Stardust and Major Tom?

What about the UNCUT version of The Man Who Fell to Earth (soundtrack). (Hint-the uncut version is Rated R/X).
RichLorn 25 months ago
#9 was also the name of a campy 1950's sci fi movie. I only mention it to distract you from my lousy score.
vinman63 25 months ago
I stunk at it but then again the 80’s were one hit wonders.
327053 25 months ago
7/11 I’ve never heard of a lot of these songs. 🤷
geatornez82 25 months ago
7/11. I guess I'm not much on 80's music. One more thing I have to say . . . . .
MrBill 25 months ago
7/11; only knew the first one and had to guess on all of the rest.
bnichols23 25 months ago
Shoot, another walk in the park. These were waaaaay too e-z.
dmirarh 25 months ago
You got 4 out of 11. LoL not good.
Cyn_Finnegan 25 months ago
Ten out of 11. I knew "Hello Earth was an 80s song because I have the Kate Bush album it appears on.
KJExpress 25 months ago
9/11. I only knew the first two for sure.
TheDavBow3 25 months ago
6/11. I suck. I really didn't like 80s music during the 80s.
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