Fan quiz: how well do you know the first episode of Star Trek ever seen on TV?

Test your knowledge of “The Man Trap” – salt tablets not required.


Thanks to MeTV fan Christopher Seeley from Killeen, Texas, for submitting this quiz! Do you have a great idea for a quiz?  Share it with us! 

The beginning of Star Trek is complicated to say the least. The first pilot was rejected but reworked into a later storyline, the second pilot aired three episodes into the first season and the first episode aired was the sixth episode filmed. Some fans stick to the original air order while others prefer the order in which they were made.

Regardless of which episode you see as the pilot, “The Man Trap” kicked off the massive sci-fi franchise as the first installment to hit the airwaves in the 1960s.

How well do you know this classic episode? Test your knowledge of this mysterious story below!

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  1. "The Man Trap" premiered on which date?
  2. The Enterprise visits which planet in this episode?
  3. What was the Enterprise's mission?
  4. What was Nancy Crater's pet name for her old flame, Dr. McCoy?
  5. Who is the first crewman killed on the planet?
  6. How many pounds of salt tablets did the Craters start out with?
  7. The Creature can assume the form of anyone it wishes. Utilizing this ability, it beams onboard the Enterprise using which form?
  8. The deceased crewman all had a loss of what?
  9. True or False: Professor Crater lived with the Creature even after it killed his wife?
  10. What saved Spock from the Creature's assault?
  11. Who killed the Creature in the end?
  12. Who played Nancy Crater?

Fan quiz: how well do you know the first episode of Star Trek ever seen on TV?

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Pacificsun 24 months ago
Here's some ST:TOS trivia from Heroes & Icons, even though it came from MeTV Staff.

Seven Things You Never Noticed about Plato's Stepchildren.
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LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 24 months ago
Yes, I agree, they need to introduce something new. I like the programs they currently air. I don't watch all of them but it has a bit of something to please the majority of viewers. I'm sure we have all had discussions, comments and opinions on the programming they currently air. Their never going to please everyone, but the continuous cycling through the current schedule can't be their vision ( It doesn't fit). Monk, Full House and Batman are the only fresh changes lately. It doesn't have to be new necessarily, They must still have broadcast rights for some of the previous series. A lot of viewers want something new.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 24 months ago
From Wiki:

MeTV has program licensing agreements with the libraries of 20th Television, CBS Media Ventures, and select titles from Warner Bros. Television Distribution and MGM Television. MeTV also shares broadcast rights to programs from the NBCUniversal Syndication Studios library with Cozi TV (including shows from Universal Television and its predecessors Revue Studios, NBC Studios, and MCA Television)[23] and Sony Pictures Television with Antenna TV and GetTV, as well as select titles from the Peter Rodgers Organization with the Retro Television Network.


A lot of the shows I enjoy come from Universal. I think they were able to have more variety before streaming. And now people can find a lot of stuff on YouTube, and other devices.
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 24 months ago
Yes. I would think they have options ( I would hope) in regards to agreements with such major studios as those listed. The current list of programs they are airing can't be all that is available to them. Lol this convo has such deja vu to it. I just hope they make some program changes in the near future.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 24 months ago
Well I don't think we can have the *same* conversation enough. I think it's one thing to cycle through "untouchable" shows like MASH (I get it) and (of course) I love ST:TOS. But the repetition works better on shows with enough episodes and different storylines. (If they'd like a list, I'll send it - LOL!). The least they can do is ROTATE some of those series, please!!
PulsarStargrave 25 months ago
9/12 and I'm surprised I did that well! I'm more into the next two episodes!
Gumbysstuntdouble 25 months ago
10/12. I'll have to turn in my Trekkie Card.
Mike 25 months ago
7 of 12 and surprised I got that many.. That was only 60 years ago
DIGGER1 25 months ago
Fan quiz: how well do you know the first episode of Star Trek ever seen on TV?
You got 11 out of 12
You had a strong grip on the right answers. Great job!
I only missed on Question #6 about the amount of salt that the Craters started out with, which is understanable since I haven't seen this episode, or any other "STAR TREK" episode, in quite a while, and I've been a life-long "TREKKIE" forever, if you get my meaning. LOL!
Pacificsun DIGGER1 24 months ago
Did you see the story about Plato's Stepchildren? I pulled it from H & I and posted in a ST:TOS thread from awhile back, on MeTV. And put the link under comments.
DIGGER1 Pacificsun 24 months ago
No, sorry, Pacificsun. I can't say that I've seen that story. Perhaps if you would like to send me a URL link to that story, then maybe I can log on to it and read it, you dig? Tell you, P. you can send it to me at my email address: [email protected], okie-dokie?
Pacificsun DIGGER1 24 months ago
Done. Check your email.
Snickers 25 months ago
11/12 missed # 12.
Snickers Snickers 25 months ago
Hi every body, I'm back and would like to think all the people for their well wishes and prayers. Still have one more procedure on April 21st but doing well.
TheOnlyONE 25 months ago
12/12. The stuffed version of this creature in the "Squire of Gothos" edisode of season one episode 17 was ironic since they mentioned this creature was the last of its kind. I guess Trelane hunted them before they went extinct.
PDCougar TheOnlyONE 25 months ago
Related oddity about that: When Sandra Gimpel, who played the M-113 creature in "The Man Trap", started doing Star Trek conventions and autograph shows about 5 years ago, she actually started including 8x10s at her signing table of the "stuffed" creature from the Trelane episode ... which she wasn't even in! (She's also claimed that she was one of the 3 main Talosians in "The Cage" -- specifically the non-speaking "skinny Talosian" -- and has offered several photos of that character at autograph shows ... even though that character has for years been credited as being performed by different and long-deceased actress, and doesn't really look like photos of Gimpel from the mid-1960s. Seems more likely she might've been a lighting stand-in, or was possibly in the one shot that involves 4 of the Talosians in the same frame.)
Pacificsun TheOnlyONE 24 months ago
What creature??? I don't remember one on SOG, Trelane was too busy hunting down Kirk, a real live target. Unless you meant Catspaw?
Pacificsun PDCougar 24 months ago
Good heavens, they'd barely be alive today, much less able to attend conventions. I'm not sure about the 2nd of the two, but I know one of the "non-speaking" ones, was female. Who was probably pretty busy doing guest shots in Sixties TV (probably Westerns).

The more interesting character is actual T'Pau. Did *she* ever show up at a Con. Because she was a very distinguished actress who can be spotted in a lot of Classic TV shows. She looked so fragile in "Amok Time" but doesn't come across that way in other roles.

By the way, you can attached images to these comments.
Pacificsun 25 months ago
I forced myself to watch the episode the other night, partially because of this fan made quiz. I usually find something redeemable in every episode on a repeated watch. In this one, Kirk expressed a lot of emotion. From losing a shipmate, to sympathizing with Bones, to just appearing more humane. In the first watch it presented a pretty good mystery and built the suspense well. In the reshowing I paid attention to the resident scientist and had forgotten that the resident monster was his only company. But chose to play it out in a different was than Cochrane did in Metamorphosis. Interesting parallel, with a very different take on each "alien."
bnichols23 25 months ago
11. I should have remembered Darnell, bad on me.
Shatner1 25 months ago
12/12! Full disclosure--I took this quiz after I watched the episode.
JERRY6 25 months ago
8 a fail put me in the transpoter and scatter my atoms
RichLorn 25 months ago
Dr McCoy vanquished the creature by prescribing she be put on a salt-free diet.
djw1120 25 months ago
11 out of 12
One or two were guesses but were right.
The last one I had no idea and guessed wrong.
oldmoe51 26 months ago
I just seen this episode last Saturday but I didn’t pay attention a lot so I got 7/12
Wendy57 26 months ago
Highly illogical Captain. 🤔
iluvwesterns 26 months ago
only got 3 right i guess i'm not much of a trekie.
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