There's no way you can ace this TV holiday episode quiz

Try to guess if these were Halloween episodes or Christmas episodes!


Television shows love to celebrate the holidays, just like the rest of us. Over the years, there have been countless memorable Christmas and Halloween stories told on TV, from sitcoms to Westerns. 

But can you tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween… from the title alone?

The following episodes were all holiday-themed. Try to guess the correct holiday. Not to be a Grinch, but it's a wicked quiz!

  1. Happy Days - "Fonsillectomy"
  2. Cheers - "Fairy Tales Can Come True"
  3. Kolchak: The Night Stalker - "The Werewolf"
  4. The Twilight Zone - "Night of the Meek"
  5. Wonder Woman - "The Deadly Toys"
  6. Touched by an Angel - "The Invitation"
  7. Adam-12 - "Log 46: The Pilgrimage"
  8. Perry Mason: "The Case of the Dodging Domino"
  9. Magnum, P.I. - "The Woman on the Beach"
  10. Kojak - "How Cruel the Frost, How Bright the Stars"
  11. Lassie - "The UNICEF Story"
  12. The Waltons - "The Spirit"
  13. The Waltons - "The Changeling"
  14. Newhart - "Take Me to Your Loudon"
  15. Gunsmoke - "Magnus"
  16. Have Gun - Will Travel - "The Hanging Cross"
  17. M*A*S*H - "Death Takes a Holiday"
  18. Wings - "The Gift of Life"

There's no way you can ace this TV holiday episode quiz

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tootsieg 33 months ago
12/18. Yikes is right. Tough one.
Lillyrose 42 months ago
5 out of 18. Please bring back "Newhart!"
FestusSings 45 months ago
16 out of 18! Yikes... I’ve watched far too much TV. 😆
MaryAnn 45 months ago
13/18 I was too ashamed to post my score when I took this three days ago. I did much better the second time around! 😜
MrBill 45 months ago
8/18; only knew a couple and had to guess on all the others and did poorly.
DerekBird 45 months ago
You got 15 out of 18
Looks like you picked the correct holidays! Nice work out there!

I disagree with the Kolchak episode being a Christmas Episode because it aired on November 1, and there were 6 more episodes that aired after it and before December 25th. including one that aired on December 20th.
BobbyCannon 45 months ago
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MaryAnn BobbyCannon 45 months ago
👎 (Idle, overcome. Use punctuation. There are three sentences there.)
scp 45 months ago
Eleven out of eighteen. Gah.
RobertK 45 months ago
11 of 18. A LOT of guesses. It seems Christmas starts the day after Halloween ends and are celebrated so closely these days, You can finish off the Halloween candy while watching Hallmark Christmas movies!
vinman63 RobertK 33 months ago
Hallmark xmas movies seem to be all year round.
kevopilis 45 months ago
Yep. I gave up about halfway. Nearly all guesses anyway.
David 45 months ago
You got 11 out of 18
This was a tough one! Better luck next time!
DavidBartholomew 45 months ago
UNICEF was the United Nations International Children's Education (?) Fund.

" Hey kids! Trick or Treat for UNICEF! Ask for Dimes instead of candy!"
daDoctah DavidBartholomew 45 months ago
I first remember hearing about "Trick or Treat for UNICEF" in an episode of "Bewitched".
United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund.
"Trick or Treat for UNICEF!"
frenchman71 45 months ago
This was a tough one...I got 6 wrong. I know that MASH never had a Halloween episode.
EricBierman frenchman71 45 months ago
Yes they did. in 1982.
dodgebob 45 months ago
Hindsight= 20/20
Multiple choice=50/50
This Quiz= 11/18
I'm good!
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