Can you recognize the cities in these opening credit sequences?

Do you know these TV skylines?


While the vast majority of classic television was filmed in and around Los Angeles, the shows themselves took place all over the country. A quick and easy way to establish the location was to use a helicopter shot of a city skyline in the opening title sequence.

Here are 10 shows that flaunted their city setting right at the beginning of each episode. Can you guess the right city from the skyline alone?

  1. "This is the city..." from Dragnet. Do you know it?
  2. Full House used a shot of this iconic bridge in its opening credits. What city is this?
  3. One opening sequence from The Mary Tyler Moore Show briefly shows the City Hall building of which city?
  4. The name of the show that used this skyline in its opening would give it away because it's from...
  5. All in the Family chose a less glamorous aerial shot of this famous city for its opening titles.
  6. Everyone filled the streets of which city in the opening of The Drew Carey Show?
  7. The Golden Girls opening title had a bird's-eye view of which Florida city?
  8. This city's iconic river bridges are seen in the opening for The Bob Newhart Show.
  9. The '70s detective series 'Banacek' used a sweeping skyline shot of which city for its opening?
  10. Frasier used the outline of which city's skyline for its opening title?

Can you recognize the cities in these opening credit sequences?

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TheSentinel 11 months ago
10/10 - and I was guessing on #9.
Coolrain 21 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
That's what happens when you second guess your answer
JewelsChuck 45 months ago
9/10....and I’m from that area, I should be ashamed!
MadMadMadWorld 45 months ago
10/10. #9 was a true guess since I never saw "Banacek."
Br0ther1KB 45 months ago
I lost my score I'm not doing this again.
MadMadMadWorld Br0ther1KB 45 months ago
You must have got a 1 or maybe 2 out of the 10! LOL
lmahabhashyam 45 months ago
9-10 I missed The Golden Girls thought it was Fort Lauderdale but it’s Miami.
JewelsChuck lmahabhashyam 45 months ago
😂 Any true fan knows where it takes place. It’s okay I got #9 wrong and I’m from that area.
JL1965 45 months ago
10-10 not bad , kind of easy though
TheDavBow3 45 months ago
10/10! Gave some real good hints. Guessed on Banacek
Bob 45 months ago
9/10. I never watched Dallas.
MadMadMadWorld Bob 45 months ago
Me, either, but I did not recognize the skyline from the pic. I figured it was not (WKRP in) Cincinnati, so I guessed correctly on Dallas.
Kenner 45 months ago
10/10. I knew Banacek because my pop watched it back in the day.
Azmarlin39a 45 months ago
9/10. Missed Banacek. Never watched it.
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